Cool sculpture unveiled 

Rhonda Dredge

A new sculpture was unveiled in September, a stand-alone work with beautiful magenta curves that adds a flamboyant gesture to the buildings in the City Harbour precinct.

The sculpture is called Junction, a reference to the rail lines, metal and high-key colours of Dockland’s industrial past.

Locals say a sheet of plastic was pulled off just before the construction industry was closed down.

So, few have had a chance to view the work which stands alone in the northern courtyard of Poly Australia’s 1000 La Trobe building along Digital Drive, trying to liven up a currently deserted scene.

Junction was designed by WA artist Stuart Green whose public art commentates on urban landscapes around Australia.

Droplet falls nicely outside an office tower in Woden, Canberra, and All Eyes On Us gestures boldly by the waterfront on the Gold Coast.

Junction, which sits between buildings in City Harbour, is in a less prominent site, but a pivotal one in terms of the mass of architecture surrounding the courtyard.  

The sculpture’s large muscular form and segmented colour creates a series of illusions as you walk around it.

From one angle it adds colour to the weather bureau, from another it makes 1000 La Trobe St sing like a harp and from a third, frames the green squares of City Harbour so they look pretty cool. 

Site-specific works usually reflect the culture and the shape of the surrounding infrastructure •

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