Community Sports Day kicks off the festive season in Docklands

Community Sports Day kicks off the festive season in Docklands
Kaylah Joelle Baker

This December, Docklands is set to get a little bit more festive and celebratory of its community with people coming together for sports, Santa visits, live entertainment and an abundance of market stalls. 

First up, is Docklands Community Christmas and social Sports Day and The District Docklands Christmas Twilight Market on December 10, followed by the NewQuay Twilight Christmas Market on December 17.

Taking place from 12pm to 4pm on Saturday, December 10, the Christmas and Sports Day event is the result of a multitude of organisations coming together armed with a focus to unite locals in celebrating together.

Docklands Chamber of Commerce executive officer Shane Wylie said it “represents a new era of collaboration”.

“We recognised in our five-year strategic plan that one single body can’t take on all of the efforts needed for Docklands, and that partnerships are the key to amplifying events,” Mr Wylie said.

“The Docklands Community Christmas and Sports Day would not have come about without the immense help of Neighbourhood House, The District Docklands, and the Docklands Sports Club, and we thank them for jumping on with much enthusiasm.”

Already on the schedule of sports for people to participate in are fishing, cricket, table tennis, and soccer, and for any one not keen on trying a new sport, the event will also be a chance to come and meet other locals, listen to music, and share in a free barbecue.

While the majority of the day will take place at Ron Barassi Senior Park, The District Docklands will be creating a fun space for people to have a hit on some table tennis tables, and some groups will move on to NewQuay Promenade to cast a line. 

Social fishing clubs have been a breakout program for the Neighbourhood House as of late, particularly with Docklands Primary school students who have been “loving it”, according to Docklands Neighbourhood House community development officer Jason Butcher.

It is also why he is so excited to have fishing as part of the community sports day.


“At the Neighbourhood House we have an absolute legend of a local volunteer who fishes around the area, and we will be leading fishing in and around NewQuay Promenade and Barassi Park,” Mr Butcher said.


In addition to having sports that people of all ages can get involved in, kids will also be particularly excited to learn that Santa has in fact registered and confirmed his attendance on the day too. 

While people are more than welcome to pop by for any amount of time, registrations are encouraged beforehand to help with the organising of the day. 

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The District Docklands Christmas Twilight Market

Following a day of sports, everyone is then invited to wander over to the District Docklands Christmas Twilight Market, which will begin at 3pm.

The market will see regular traders extending their hours, as they are joined by a multitude of market stalls, selling everything from art, craft, jewellery, homewares, and food. 

While an ideal night to tick off your Christmas shopping list, the market will also be a great place to eat among new friends, with food trucks selling everything from Spanish paella, to crepes, American pies and cheesecakes. 

Live entertainment from performers, muralist artists, and DJs will also ensure to spread the Christmas cheer. 

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NewQuay Twilight Christmas Market

For anyone unable to make it down on December 10, or for anyone wanting to get among all the Christmas celebrations, the NewQuay Twilight Christmas Market will take place the following Saturday, December 17. 

Held over the entire promenade with an expected 60 market stalls and live entertainment, Santa is also scheduled to make an appearance and provide some Christmas cheer for locals, as well as free gift bags provided by local not-for-profit organisation Saras.Care.

The market is being led by the Docklands Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Lifestyle Markets and with the support of the City of Melbourne. •

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