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What women want - May 2016

26 Apr 2016

There is nothing more precious than the tiniest glimpse of hope appearing on the horizon.

It’s like the first delicious rays of sunshine touching your body on a cold winter’s day. You tingle in anticipation and your eyes close, fully submerging you in the moment. You allow your mind to wander and you visualise all that you have dreamt of and, just for a moment, you believe it could happen.

It has been just the tiniest turn in the road, just the smallest series of potential opportunities, the doors of which are yet to be opened, that has me feeling the hints of hope.

I’m wondering if, perhaps, the way things have all been unfolding has had it’s reasons after all. It’s not that I feel overtly optimistic and feel that all the stars have suddenly aligned and brought me great joy – but I’m just feeling that maybe they could. And right now, I’m delighted to sit in this moment, this moment of “what if”.

What if, everything you ever dreamt of came true? For a while, I have been feeling that I had lost hope. I had lost sight of my dreams. I had started to let go of things that I felt perhaps weren’t going to happen.

Life has been so hectically busy. I have been so focused on getting through the essentials and I had, to be honest, started to wonder “what if this is as good as it gets?” (I hope you heard Jack Nicholson then, I certainly did!).

I had been struggling to find peace with accepting that maybe I wasn’t meant to have the things which I had been holding so dearly in my heart, but I was trying to …

It wasn’t that I felt my life was “hopeless”, just that my hope of achieving my biggest dreams, my most precious hopes for my life, had faded.

I consoled myself telling myself I had simply become a “realist” and I wrapped myself in a barrage of goals that I could achieve and told myself it was all enough, that it was my life’s purpose.

But a series of recent dreams and events – some would claim they’re your inner voice showing you things you need to see, others would say they are the universe’s way of guiding you, but irrespective to the force behind them – showed me that I shouldn’t let go.

So I have held on. I have accepted they are my dreams and I have let things unfold as they will. And extraordinary things have been starting to happen.

Maybe, just maybe, they could come true. What I have learnt in life, is that you do need patience. And what I have learnt in life, is that you most definitely need to hold onto your dreams.

What a woman wants is for all her dreams to come true. But what a woman needs is to have faith that what truly lies in your heart will keep hope alive. And that’s a pretty wonderful feeling.

I hope you have a wonderful month and that your dreams come true.

With love,

PS Don’t forget you can reach me at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or find me on Facebook @abbyjanecrawford or Instagram.

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