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Docklands Community Association - March 2015

05 Mar 2015

Greetings everybody

Chinese New Year
The function attended on February 19 hosted by the Chinese community was a pleasant and informative evening, with speeches by the Lord Mayor and Chinese dignitaries. The huge dragon is a great feature and livens the otherwise bare area. It also shows how the area can be livened when the area is lit up.  All the best to the dragon boat participants.

Fountains and Flames proposal

At the Docklands Community Forum on February 25 the promoters gave us a thorough briefing on this proposal including video presentation of spectacular shooting fountain and flame displays, which they propose being operated from a barge at the end of Central Pier at intervals during the day and early evening.

It appears to be a feature that would be a great drawcard for Docklands. It would be particularly useful when allied to events. I took the opportunity on air to say we need associated and supporting services and spaces such as a ferry service and a welcoming esplanade park for people to view everything from.

Panel appointed
In announcing the appointment by the State Government of a panel to review short stays practice, the Minister of Consumer said the government had listened to concerns of residents and was fulfilling an election promise.
I have been selected on the panel to represent the views of residents against the practice; also on the panel is a council manager (being against the practice); other members include two operators, and representatives of strata managers, tourism and a strata lawyer.

I have six years’ experience along with others in opposing the practice. The first meeting of the panel is on March 6. I am asking for any input from chairs of buildings which have short stay/serviced apartments who would like to add any particular comments. The panel is scheduled to complete the review and report to the Minister by late May.

Esplanade re-development
Also at the community forum, the director of the Digital Harbour development, David Napier, gave a presentation supporting principally a linear park.

This was great to have a developer agreeing with the DCA; we’re not used to it. He intends to make the presentation to the council committee.

We hope that this shifts Places Victoria and council from their steadfast proposal for sheds. As David said, we don’t want the vista blocked and we want open space for people to enjoy. We also are sick of council, Places Victoria and media commentators claiming the area is windswept as a generalisation.

Yes, it is windy when amongst and close to the buildings due to wind tunnel effects but it is not normally windswept on the open esplanade. All they have to do is walk along it to check but they don’t; none of those responsible live here.

Ron Barassi Snr Park
It’s good to see the ground work progressing. We understand the structures will be put in place in the next few months.

Lorimer Structure Plan
Residents in Yarra’s Edge are strongly opposed to the 74-level residential tower proposed for the south side of Lorimer St opposite the Yarra’s Edge residential complex. It will be considerably taller than those buildings. There is concern over the effect on amenities and open space. The proposal has not yet received government approval.

Coming Events – March
Events notified to us by council include:
Hot Wave Music Festival – NewQuay Piazza March 7;
Annual Melbourne Fashion Festival – Central Pier –March 14 -22;
Herald Sun Fun Run for the Kids – March 22; and
Dragon Boats Victorian titles – March 29

If any reader would like to become a member of the DCA or has any suggestions they wish to put forward regarding activities or issues, they are welcome to contact us on (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We’re also on Facebook.

If you would like to talk to me about any aspect or becoming a committee member you are welcome to call me on 0412 097 706.

Regards to all
Roger Gardner - President DCA

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