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Docklander - April 2019

03 Apr 2019

Docklander - April 2019 Image

A dux Docklander

By Sakshi Agrawal

Docklands resident Lissette Ordonez Camero is the first person in her degree to be awarded the Dux of Bachelor of Event Management at William Angliss Institute.

Originally from Mexico, she came to Melbourne three years ago to study at the institute. She pursued her first bachelor degree in international business before completing her Masters in Business Administration from Canada.

“Back in Mexico, I worked for a rail freight company. I was the CEO’s executive assistant and a lot of my job was planning corporate events. So, I realised that I enjoyed that more than my normal duties,” Lissette said.

“I was also close to where I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life and I didn’t see myself staying there any longer.”

She attended a student expo, where she came across William Angliss Institute and decided to apply for its bachelor program.

“I always believe things happen for a reason and things flow where you are meant to go. I had actually never heard about Melbourne before,” she said.

“I did a Google search and it looked like a nice city and everybody said it was an amazing place. I also wanted to travel a little bit and get some freedom. So, I chose to come here.”

As a new international student, she went on an apartment hunt when she arrived in Melbourne. After searching for a week and a half, her friend recommended Docklands. She registered for an inspection in one of the buildings and found herself a home.

“I love it because in the afternoons you can go for a walk down by the ocean and also have a nice view of the sunset,” she said. “It has that relaxed feeling of being in the city but also not close enough to notice it. And it’s like the core and there are so many places around. I really enjoy living here.”

She said she was very happy and excited to have received the award, but was not expecting it.

“As they announced my name, it took me a minute to process the whole thing. I think I value it more because of not having my family here. It gets tough and it [English] is not my first language. It’s just like extra challenges on the way,” she said.

Talking about her future plans, she said that her professors recommended she pursue a masters in philosophy and continue her research. However, she decided not to take up that offer.

“At the moment I would like to get more hands-on experience. I really like conferences rather than festivals or some other type of events,” she said.

“It is more suitable with my experience in business and this way I feel I can have the best of both worlds. So, that’s what I would look forward to.”

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