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Businesses in Docklands - April 2015

01 Apr 2015

Keeping the noise out of Docklands

With noise providing a constant issue for residents living in high-rise apartments in inner Melbourne, Stop Noise director Ron Adams said his company had tapped into a niche market.

“It was an idea I had 20 years ago so I started it up and we just started from a small factory and just worked our way up,” he said. “We wanted to target people who have noise problems as we felt there was a need for that.”

“There wasn’t really any noise products out there because when I started it was just double-glazing. So my research was basically the price of the product, what they could get and the result that they get.”

Established in 1995, Stop Noise’s add-on double-glazing is a family-owned business, which operates out of its showroom and warehouse at Carrum Downs in Melbourne’s south east.

Rather than double-glazing windows, which only reduces noise by an average of 25 to 30 per cent, the Stop Noise product reduces noise by up to 50 to 70 per cent and, according to Ron, for half the price!

He said the product had proven a sweeping success in high-rise apartments where, mostly, it was against body corporate rules to change existing windows.

“There’s noise everywhere but we try to target the city and the high-density apartments,” he said.

“Obviously we’re not a supplier of replacement double-glazing. If their windows are faulty, well then they’ll need a whole new window. We just do the add on system.”

“So they can still open their windows, they can still get fresh air, they can still lift the panels out and clean them. So it’s just a more cost effective solution to the problem that they’ve got.”

The key to the system involves having a large airspace between the two windows, which works as a cushioning effect.

Using a strong and effective 6.38mm laminated safety glass, the use of the two different thickness of glass helps change the frequency of sound.

The add-on system also acts as an effective form of insulation with the capability to stop up to 60 per cent of heat-loss.

According to Ron, while the average window takes only an hour to put in, installation was never carried out unless a worthwhile result could be delivered for the customer.

“We won’t do a job unless we think we can get a good result out if it,” he said. “If they’ve got problems with the building for example, unless you fix those there is no point in doing the windows,” he said.

“We give people an idea of what level of reduction we can get them and find out what they’re after as well, whether it be for noise reduction or insulation, and then we give them some idea of what we think we can cut it down by.”

Having established a strong connection with businesses and residents in the area for the past 20 years, Ron said he and his team always enjoyed working in what was a “constantly evolving area”.

“It’s just a very fast-growing area and I think there are so many opportunities to make the place better,” he said.

“The road infrastructure is fairly good and, again, there are a lot of the problems in Southbank with apartments being built right next to the busy roads or freeways, which is a good thing for us!”

For more information visit

Treating the problem as well as the cause

At GL Natural Healthcare, the focus is on fixing not only the problem but also the cause.

George Lenon opened the Digital Harbour-based practice last December and GL Natural Healthcare offers both traditional Chinese medicine and chiropractic services.

Apart from being a Chinese medicine practitioner, Mr Lenon is also an academic in the field, lecturing at RMIT University and currently researching Chinese medicine and weight loss, diabetes and allergies.

According to Mr Lenon, Chinese medicine is 4000 years old and within his family is a traditional career path.

Mr Lenon says Chinese medicine differs from Western medicine because it doesn’t aim to pinpoint and solve individual problems or symptoms, but rather tries to resolve the larger cause.

“Chinese medicine works in a different way, rather than targeting the problem, we consider the person and what has caused the problem,” Mr Lenon said.

“We treat the cause rather than masking the symptoms.”

“For people who come with back pain we don’t just treat the back pain, we also find out what’s causing it.”

“We treat the symptoms and work out what parts of the body need to be strengthened to prevent it happening again.”

According to Mr Lenon, the holistic approach of Chinese medicine involves a range of treatments including acupuncture, herbal medicine, remedial massage and cupping.

With three Chinese medicine practitioners and one chiropractor working at the Docklands practice, there’s always someone on hand to help.

“We want to provide a business for the Docklands community with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and chiropractic,” Mr Lenon said.

“We treat a variety of conditions such as sinus problems, infertility, lower back pain, general pain, flu, neurological and psychological disorders.”

According to Mr Lenon, traditional Chinese medicine can work in partnership with western medicine.

Chinese medicine practitioner Tim Dinh explained a recent case where a client, who had previously been unable to get pregnant through IVF was successful after also being treated with acupuncture.

GL Natural Healthcare is currently offering 20 per cent off consultation and treatment fees (excluding herbal medicine) when its advertisement featured in Docklands News this month is presented (conditions apply).

You can find GL Natural Healthcare at shop 5/198 Harbour Esplanade. Contact the practice on 9670 2878.

For more information visit or

The special skills of business broking

It takes a special combination of skills to sell a business and it would appear that Ahmet Ali, Director of AA Business Brokers has them all.

He brings diplomacy and discretion to business deals from his long and successful career as an Australian Diplomat.

He understands small business because he’s owned and run a Tattslotto agency, a newsagency and a licensed post office.

Today, AA Business Brokers dominates the Victorian marketplace in the sale of high quality franchises and business and is the preferred selling agent for dozens of franchised brands and hundred of private sellers.

“I put our success down to our attention to detail, rigorous systems and our integrity,” he said.

“We are passionate about the work we do and strive to achieve the best results possible for both our vendors and buyers. Our clients just keep coming back to us because they know we offer total commitment to achieve their commercial and business goals.”

Ahmet and his wife Vesna started the business in June 2007 and quickly moved it to their current location in Lorimer St, Docklands (Yarra’s Edge).  They are also very happy residents at Yarra’s Edge.  “We wouldn’t live anywhere else,” Vesna said. “We just love it here.”

Vesna too has had an interesting career in retail and distribution as well as some senior public service positions.

The business now employs a team of business sales consultants with a wide variety of specialties and strengths.

“While our bread and butter is franchised businesses across all sectors, we do sell all types of businesses, from under 50k to over $10 million,” Ahmet said.

“The businesses may differ, but the fundamental principles remain the same.”

“It’s about being committed, accountable, professional and honest,” Ahmet said.  “If you get those things right, everything else falls into the place and the sales continue to grow.”

AA Business Brokers thrived in the aftermath of the global financial crisis – a time which was particularly tough on small hospitality businesses.

“I’m not saying it was easy, but we kept focused on the customer and the customer’s needs,” Ahmet said.  “In the end, the dedication has paid off and we have a very dedicated following to show for it.”

Ahmet said his firm was equally qualified to help both potential business buyers or vendors looking to sell.

“We are very happy to meet and advise anyone in the strictest confidence on a no-obligation basis,” he said.

“It’s far better to get a realistic appraisal from us before you start than to go down a long and difficult path only to be disappointed at the other end.”

Ahmet and his team of specialists can be contacted at their Docklands office at Suite 88b/ 90 Lorimer St on 9645 2988 or 0400 650 770 or email (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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