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Business in Docklands December 2010

30 Nov 2010


How would you like to feel the warm breeze through your hair this summer as you cruise around on the glistening waters of Docklands steering your very own boat? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

But there’s just one problem I hear you say, and it’s not the fact you don’t have hair. It’s the fact that you don’t have a boating license.  Well have no fear, for BOAT4hire is here.

Starting business two months ago, BOAT4hire widens the recreational boating options in Docklands by allowing people the chance to take out a boat without the need
for a licence.

Operating as an extension of the Docklands-based Pleasure Cruising business, owner Gary Freeman said he started BOAT4hire when he realised that there was a huge need for this type of business in Melbourne.

“People wanted something that they could take out occasionally and have no commitment to and there was also a need for boats which people without a licence could take out,” Gary said.

Offering a highly supervised boating service in Victoria Harbour, BOAT4hire allows non-licensed boat-lovers the chance to take out one of its 4.1metre, 9.9hp Polycraft Challengers.

“People that are licensed can take the boat out further or can tow it away to another location, but people who don’t have a licence can still get out on the water,” he said.

Looking to expand in the future, Gary says BOAT4hire currently offers five hire-boats and each boat is able to take a maximum of five people.

“I love running this business because I get to see people come in stressed and take out the boat and when they arrive back they’re glowing because being out on a boat makes people happier,” he said.

Having grown up in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, it is understandable that Gary has an immense love of water and boating and how he can see a lot of potential in Docklands.

“Docklands is still very much in its infancy and it has a huge potential to grow, particularly if the speed within the harbour is changed and a ferry service between Melbourne and Geelong is introduced,” he said.

With Pleasure Cruising offering membership to luxury boats and BOAT4hire offering hire boats for one-off use, it seems Gary and his team will have you covered this boating season.


After living in Docklands for almost two-and-a-half years, Sarang Dhawan is now reaching out to the Docklands community and is offering his services as a numerologist.

Having studied over 32 books, researched widely on the internet and spoken to many different spiritual leaders, Sarang says he can help you improve your life and your success through the use of your name and birth date.

Using numerology, Sarang calculates a person’s numbers and then guides them in their life decisions by showing them how they can use their numbers to make the most out of their life.

“There is a science in numbers. Every number has a vibration and if the vibration of your birth date vibrates well with the numbers of your name then you will be successful,” Sarang said.

The wise-beyond-his-years 23-year-old says that if a person’s name and birth date don’t vibrate well he suggests to them that they change their name slightly by adding or subtracting a letter so that the number will change.

“Women have come to me who are having trouble getting pregnant and I do their numbers and find that they are not vibrating well and after changing their name slightly they become pregnant,” Sarang said.

The Indian-born Docklander said he could help people in all facets of their lives from choosing a business name, to picking a house with a good street number, to ensuring compatibility with a life partner or picking the date for their child to be born via Caesarian section.

“Numbers are very powerful and each number is beautiful. Often Bollywood and Hollywood film producers with consult a numerologist before picking the title of the film or when to launch it as it will have an impact on its success at the box-office,” Sarang said.

Having completed a degree in commerce it’s easy to see why Sarang is so comfortable with numbers.

“I was asked to predict the federal election and the upcoming Ashes tests and I also used numerology to pick Docklands as my suburb of residence,” he said.

A gentle and kind-hearted man, Sarang says his main focus in numerology is helping people.

“I charge $150 a consultation so that people realise the value of numerology because if I didn’t, then people wouldn’t realise its value. But the consultation has no time limit and they can ask me as many questions as they want,” he said.

Sarang said he looked forward to helping the people of Docklands be successful in their lives.


Having opened up Harbour Coffee House on Harbour Esplanade in September, Jin Guan and Noel Comley have now doubled their impact on Docklands by opening up a second business just a few doors down.

Melbourne Bay Restaurant, a Chinese-style eatery, is the latest venture for the husband and wife team and is quickly becoming popular with the working crowd.

Opening on October 23, Jin said the restaurant was all part of a plan to train her children and set them up for life.

“I have three children and the plan is to train the eldest so that she can then train her brother and he will train his little sister,” Jin said

With her three children aged 14, 16 and 18, Jin says it’s important to her that she teaches and trains her children, rather than handing them money.

“Starting a business and having them get involved from the beginning is about giving them the knowledge and training for life and helping them see the whole broad picture from beginning to success.”

Jin said she hoped the business would also give her peace of mind that her children had something to work with should she retire.

“I like knowing that they can go out and do their degrees and work in whatever field they choose, but at the end of the day this business will be here for them to come back to,” she said.

Specialising in quick, healthy and tasty Chinese food, Jin has made sure that only the freshest of ingredients are used and she has someone very special watching over the kitchen.

“My younger brother is the chef and he is a very good cook who has work been working in restaurants and cafés for over 15 years,” Jin said.

With tasty noodle, rice and yum cha dishes, Jin hopes the restaurant will not only provide filling and tasty food, but will also be and oasis for Docklands workers.

“I wanted to provide somewhere peaceful to give the workers a break from their day, but also have quick and healthy food that’s fast enough to fit in with their busy schedule.”

Open five days a week for lunch and dinner, Jin hopes that the restaurant will also provide a cheaper dinner option for residents in Docklands.

“Sometimes people want a night off from cooking, or a chance to eat from a different cuisine and this restaurant allows them to have that without so much of the expense,” Jin said.

With tasty Chinese cuisine at very reasonable prices, Melbourne Bay Restaurant in Digital Harbour, is likely to soon become a haunt for residents and workers alike.


About 50 businesses sampled a Business Network International chapter at a special visitors’ day in Docklands on November 10.

BNI Harbour Connections established itself in Docklands earlier this year and is seeking local businesses people interested in passing referrals between themselves to build more business.

Harbour Connections president Dave Fuller said the visitors’ day was quite successful and he expected to hold another event in the new year.

Mr Fuller said, although the morning departed from the regular structure, many people got a taste of what BNI could do for their business.

Since the Harbour Connections’ event, another CBD-based chapter has relocated to Docklands.  Docklands now has two BNI chapters – one meeting between 7am and 8.30am on Tuesdays and another at the same time every Wednesday at the Harbour Kitchen in Victoria Harbour.

For further information, contact Dave Fuller on (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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