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Away from the desk - September 2014

04 Sep 2014

Spring into spring, Docklands style

Spring is in the air…there’s no doubt about it…as the days lengthen and people start to talk about things that would have seemed impossible and a little bit dangerous a month ago, like daylight saving, I ponder whether I’ve achieved the goals I set for myself in the depths of winter.

And, more importantly, whether my body, mind and soul are equipped for spring – that gentle, ever so delicate entrée into the warmer months, which really brings out the best in Docklands.

Think sitting by the water having a sneaky lunchtime glass of wine and an even sneakier plate of salt and pepper calamari and fries. Think walks by the glassy surfaced waterfront, that, when you get closer, reveals translucent white jelly fish floating gracefully in the still water, as if coming up to say hi. Think walks in the sunshine along the weathered wooden piers, quiet times at the meditation space on Victoria Harbour, and, let’s get simpler still, sitting on the warm rough grass by the water and eating a sandwich.

I am one of many people who believe in enjoying the simple things in life, even the tiny little things that happen in a split second, gone in two and often forgotten once you hit the next red traffic light.
My 11-year-old son’s kiss when I drop him off at school in the morning (I have a 14-year-old who would rather swim Bass Strait than do that) – is one of those fleeting, precious moments which fly by and you so wish you could bottle. Bottle it and every time you were feeling lonely, displaced, out of sorts, you could whip out that memory that made you feel so loved, and honoured, and use it to ward off the sadness.

When I was on the tram coming down Collins St the other day, there were people, stopped in the street, looking upwards, smiling and chatting. The object of their attention? Two gorgeous red parakeets perched on the edifice of the building doing that special twirling thing they do when they pivot on one leg and talk to each other, all cheeky grins and raucous laughter. Where else but Melbourne?

Here at Docklands, simple pleasures abound. There’s the new library to trawl through and enjoy, coffees to be had, bowls of pho to be eaten, sushi to be devoured, wine to be quaffed or sipped, and beers by the water to be had.

What I’m most looking forward to is the lift in mood. As the weather improves, people expand, start to look outward and lift their gaze so that it encompasses the widest possible horizon. No longer hunkering down against an icy, frigid wind, the body feels and moves with more freedom, and less compression from layers of winter clothing. And that’s lovely to behold.

So bring on summer, but lets not forget to enjoy the spring, the winter and everything in between, lest we miss out on something really precious.

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