Celebrating the voice of postcode 3008

Celebrating the voice of postcode 3008

I’m a proud former resident of Docklands, having lived there between 2018 and 2021. 

My two sons moved in with me and my husband during the pandemic, and I have incredibly fond memories of spending lockdown with those closest to me.

I also can’t believe this stunning waterfront area of Melbourne is not more widely appreciated. It’s peaceful, beautiful and you’re just minutes from the best food and entertainment in the world.

I have a feeling this waterfront suburb will see a huge population boom in coming years.

Docklands News is a key part of the identity of Docklands and its residents. During the past 20 years, the publication has cemented itself as a trusted news source covering breaking news, politics, education, health and so much more.

Now publishing its 200th edition, I reflect on the role the paper plays, and continues to play, in Docklands.

Docklands News was established in 2003 and has grown with the community. From a commercial docking port to a residential and business hub, there have been challenges that come with the creation of a new precinct. We’re continuing to learn how we can best leverage this impressive waterfront area.

We see continued investment in hotels, businesses, and residential developments, signalling long-term confidence in this neighbourhood.

Our recent Now or Never Art Trail saw thousands flock to Docklands, while our Firelight Festival and New Year’s Eve display continue to delight residents and visitors of all ages.

Through it all, Docklands News has covered the stories that matter to the community. From new businesses to community hubs like the Library at the Dock, Docklands News has helped the City of Melbourne share important stories.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the first edition of Docklands News was published. It reminds us how far we have come with Docklands since the precinct was first created.

During my journey as Lord Mayor, I’ve enjoyed sharing City of Melbourne stories with Shane, Sean, David, Rhonda, Jack, and Brendan, to name a few, all who must be congratulated on reaching this milestone and for the hard work they put in each day (and for sometimes having to ask the difficult questions).

Congratulations to the team and may this be the first of many more milestones to come. •


What others said ...

Docklands News is such a great source of local insight. I love reading about what’s going on in our neighbourhood and sharing what I’m working on with Docklands residents. Congratulations on a huge milestone to the Docklands News team.” - Ellen Sandell, Greens MP for Melbourne

“For as long as we’ve been delivering the Docklands precincts of Victora Harbour and Melbourne Quarter, Docklands News has been a partner throughout the journey, helping to build a strong, connected and informed community. Congratulations on 200 editions! Looking forward to many more.” - Daniel Dugina, Head of Apartments, Lendlease

Docklands News has been a supportive media partner since 2013, showcasing Capital Alliance's news, growth and journey. Its insightful coverage and unwavering support has given Capital Alliance a trusted channel to illuminate our successes and share our vision for Docklands with the community. We thank Docklands News for its invaluable contribution." - Mohan Du, Capital Alliance

“I started Just In Time Personal Training more than 11 years ago then mainly in Southbank and in recent years it has spread to the Docklands. The Southbank News and Docklands News and Sean Car in particular were pivotal to our business growth! Thanks so much!” - Justin Moran, JustInTime Personal Training

Docklands News - our local newspaper - plays a crucial role in keeping our community informed and connected. Over the years, it has often been a sole source of information about very diverse happenings – from building approvals to community gatherings. Without Docklands News, our community would be much the poorer.” - Janette Corcoran, Docklands Representative Group

The Docklands Chamber of Commerce extends its heartfelt congratulations to Docklands News on reaching their 200th edition!  The crucial role that Docklands News plays as a platform for local businesses is truly commendable. For two decades, they have stood as steadfast partners in promoting our members' accomplishments, events, and significant milestones. Through their comprehensive business profiles and coverage of ongoing developments, Docklands News has effectively have helped highlight the vibrancy and diversity of our local commerce, attracting visitors and new opportunities to Docklands." - Daniel Hibberd, Docklands Chamber of Commerce president

"Congratulations Docklands News on your 200th edition. The Alma Doepel Restoration is delighted to have been associated with Docklands News for many years. Our aims to promote the work of the restoration and the benefits of the Youth Sail training programs that will follow have been well supported by the Docklands News. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with your fine hyperlocal newspaper." - the Alma Doepel restoration team

“Congratulations to the team at Docklands News on celebrating the 200th anniversary edition. MAB has been involved with the publication since its inception in 2003 and we highly value the community voice the publication provides and the spotlight it shines on local residents, businesses, arts and culture.” - Ben Earl, MAB general manager marketing and communications

“The Docklands News has been the place to go for local, relevant news about Docklands and importantly for the community, it is where people have a voice. With reliable and timely news that Docklanders can rely on and where local businesses can easily promote themselves. Thank you to Docklands News and congratulations on your milestone. Keep up the great work” - Barry Plant Docklands

"Docklands News is a special local paper. It seeks out the local issues and supports local communities. It questions government decisions and holds them to account. Having been involved in Docklands for over 10 years and been involved in various community activities such as the Mission to Seafarers, Alma Doepel Restoration and organising a number of maritime events such as three successful Melbourne Regattas I can say without doubt the Docklands News has been there for me offering all support I needed. Communities need their local paper more than ever, and we are blessed to have the Docklands News in our corner. I was here for the 100th edition and proud to be a part of the 200th edition. Congratulations, Docklands News." - Bill Reid, Alma Doepel volunteer and former Docklands News columnist

"As a Yarra’s Edge resident over the past few years Docklands News has been a very important vehicle to be kept informed of what is happening in our unique area plus the personalities from within. Their informative news stories keep us in touch with all local happenings and they have taken the lead on the proposed tram bridge which could change the character of the area if allowed to proceed. As local residents we believe the Docklands precinct is one of the jewels in Melbourne’s crown." - Keith Sutherland OAM, Yarra's Edge Action Group

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