Celebrating Docklands’ maritime heritage in 2024

Celebrating Docklands’ maritime heritage in 2024
Jackie Watts

The Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network (MMHN) looks forward in 2024 to working with the Docklands community to grow public awareness of the precinct’s unique maritime heritage.

Docklands enabled maritime trade which was and still is, the basis of Victoria’s prosperity.

Maritime infrastructure really matters

Throughout history, maritime exploration, maritime trade, and maritime infrastructure investment in has been all about seeking and sustaining economic and political advantage for any given nation. Let’s consider:

In these most challenging precarious times around the world, we are reminded that maritime trade and global political conflict are inextricably enmeshed. This is being played out today in the oceans of the world.

Consider historical investment in maritime infrastructure in Docklands

It was intended to expand and sustain Victoria’s political and economic advantage i.e. prosperity.

State government of the day set about maximising the potential benefit to be derived by growing the port capacity and efficiencies with ambitious projects e.g. the excavation of Victoria Harbour, re-shaping the Yarra estuary watercourse and later, to efficiently manage port operations, construction of the once technologically cutting-edge Shipping Control Tower on North Wharf.

Consider global investment in naval power

Historically, all naval services had roles in protecting and sustaining political and economic advantage. In colonial Victoria this, too, was the case.

Fifty years before the federation of the colonies in 1901, the colony of Victoria had its own navy, the first on the continent, created to guard the gold-rich, very prosperous southern colony from any maritime threat.

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