Buluk Park chosen by council

Buluk Park chosen by council

By Robert Bremner

Buluk Park has been chosen as the name of Docklands newest landmark after a recent Melbourne City Council meeting.

The indigenous name stems from the language with “buluk” meaning wetlands or swamp, a reflection of the original state of the area.  

The decision reflected the public vote with two-thirds of locals in favour of the name Buluk, with the remaining third in favour of current name Dock Square.  

The vote was open between April 23 and May 14. Council members took into account the public vote and unanimously decided upon the name.

The Victorian Aboriginal Council for Languages suggested the name after research and traditional owners had been consulted.

Buluk Park was officially opened on May 31, alongside the co-located Library at the Dock.

It features a large grassed area and a children’s playground.

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