An anything but ordinary Chihuahua

An anything but ordinary Chihuahua
Kaylah Joelle Baker

For Felicity, her little light chocolate puppy Mackenzie, or “Kenzie” for short, came into her life to give her company at just the right time.

“She is a COVID puppy,” Felicity said.

Now nine months old, the purebred long-haired Chihuahua came from Seymour breeder Dearchi before finding her home in Docklands.

Avoiding big dogs due to her tiny size, Kenzie has found favour with a fellow Chihuahua called Honey in the same building, who is “her best friend and big sister.”

But although she does have a best friend in the area, being a smaller puppy in Docklands has unfortunately not come without struggles.

“Dogs off leashes have come for her and it’s a big issue in the area,” Felicity said.

Despite the threat outdoors, Kenzie remains a socialite who makes the most of her time gallivanting outside.

All while understanding the importance of rest and nutrition.

“She also loves getting out, wherever that is, and sleeping a lot,” Felicity said.

“She loves cooked carrots which seems weird and despite the advice of the breeder, I do feed her steak sometimes.”

While Felicity was sure about picking the name Mackenzie due to the “meaning of the name” as it can mean “pleasant to look at”, she can’t be so sure of the fact that her little pup is your typical Chihuahua.

“I’m not sure she is a dog. Sometimes she acts like a kitten, a rabbit, or a tiny prancing horse,” she said •

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