A school holiday bonanza at The District

Jack Hayes

If you have vacation plans, scrap them, because The District is embarking on its biggest-ever program of school holiday activations.

Kicking off the fun is Saboteurs, an Australian exclusive right here in Docklands, based on the hugely popular online game, AmongUs.

Perfect for birthday parties, corporate events or holiday fun, this immersive, interactive space-themed game requires players to complete tasks including Decontamination, Shields, O2, Medbay, Fix Wiring, Upload and Download Data, Sleep Pods, Communications, Electrical, Habitats, Mining and more.

The aim of the game is to vote, eject and survive.

Saboteurs is the perfect rainy-day activity, with the venue comprising of 530sqm across 11 converted shipping containers inside a Moon Base-themed play space.

The game is designed for one to 15 players, a great opportunity for groups big and small.

To find out more or to book, head to saboteurs.com.au.

Next, we see the return of the ever-popular all-ages immersive play experience, Imaginator (formerly Imaginaria).

Back for another season, Imaginator sees a collision of imagination and technology to create a stunning audio-visual play experience from the future.

Enjoy the different installations at your own pace, take an hour to deeply engage with the experience or go on a simple 15-minute stroll – either way, it is an immersive experience unlike any other.

Part game, part gallery, part journey, Imaginator encourages the inquisitive, with shimmering light and sound sculptures that see you consumed in vivid pulsing colour and rich sounds.

Dive off a four-metre ledge into the unknown or relax on a giant rotating bean bag as you take in the ethereal sights and sounds.

Imaginator is back at its usual location under the Melbourne Star. For more information, visit imaginator.com.au.

The last of The District’s major school holiday activations is Chaos Lab, a hugely successful attraction making its way from Sydney to Docklands.

Expect a graffiti wall, slime station, mirror maze, a ball pit, and many more surprises as the team at Chaos Lab captivates the whole family.

Meet the manic mad scientist and their lab assistants, who will show you through different rooms to create, discover, play, and, above all, have fun.

Docklanders will be sure to enjoy themselves and create great family memories in this creative laboratory.

Chaos Lab is located at 18 Wharf St, Docklands. For more information, visit chaos-lab.co/Melbourne.

Outside of these exciting new attractions, these holidays you’ll still find all the usual District favourites like Hoyts, Archie Brothers, ArtVo, Glow Golf, Chipmunks and more. •


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