A Dachshund of Docklands

A Dachshund of Docklands

By John Tadigiri

When Docklands News asked about the origin behind the name of local black and white Dachshund Lowla, her owner Jeff Eyles almost immediately started singing the song Lola by The Kinks.

As for the slight variation in the name, he explained that it was his son who came up with the unique title of Lowla.

“When we got her she was still a puppy and she was so low to the ground. So, we started calling her ‘Low-La’.”

“We were looking to buy a Dachshund since my wife and I got married 50 years ago and I left a message with my contact at the Dachshund Australia organisation located in Sale in eastern Victoria.”

“And one day I got a call from a lady there to come down to see this mouse pup; only a few days old. We ordered and they delivered her to us at Royal Park.”

As one of the early settlers here in Docklands 14 years ago, Jeff worked at a firm for 50 years and is now retired. Residing in NewQuay with a great view, he said their 20th floor apartment overlooked Victoria Harbour with no obstruction. 

And as for Lowla, she loves Docklands from both high and low vantage points.

“We take her out for walking at least twice a day, and we get stopped quite often to have her photo taken as she is rare being black and white,” Jeff said.

“She is low like a Ferrari. She is very intelligent to know what we are talking about and to prove he calls her and gives some commands, which she seemed to happily accommodate.”

Jeff also explained that his wife – a practicing psychiatrist – took Lowla to work on Mondays.

“Lowla helps people with PTSD; she’ll go and sits on the knees of those visiting police and soldiers and soothe their minds.” •

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