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December 2008, Issue 38

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The little bent tree

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Politician disrespects us

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Top five street style trends

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Massage variations and benefits

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70 years later, family business still suits

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Happy with your OC manager? Most are

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Another “son”

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Welcome to your vertical village

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Goodbye from Blender Studios

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Now Labor can work with residents

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What Women Want - With Abby Crawford

The excitement is building ...

What When Want - October 2018

04 Oct 2018

Waiting is a virtue, and anticipation is the purest form of pleasure … So waiting and anticipating are surely great places to be.

The mind can run with delicious thoughts as to what the future may hold, while waiting for events to unfold can show us how dedicated or committed we are to a certain path ahead – after all, we live in a world where instant satisfaction is readily found and there is little need for patience or anticipation of anything less than something incredibly special.

Perhaps it’s the time of year – the anticipation of long warm evenings, the flowers blooming as the bitter winter defrosts – that is contributing to these wonderful thoughts of what the future holds.

Perhaps it’s the point in our life where we reach an epiphany and really have clarity of what is important to us, that we reach a place where we know finally what it is we long for.

Perhaps these are all factors that come together, that can have us in a place where we know when we have found something worth waiting for, and the pleasure of anticipation is one that delights rather than deters us.

Perhaps, simply, it’s just time for some dreams to come true.

As always though, nothing is straightforward, and I find that when you do realise that something is incredibly special and you are eagerly waiting and delightfully anticipating – well, you’ve still got your work cut out for you.

Life experience teaches you to be more pragmatic than ever, there’s the evidence of past things just not being what they seemed, there’s the fear of failure that can prevent us from even trying and then there’s the bloody scary realisation that if you don’t succeed with what you really truly feel is special and worth waiting for, then it’s going hurt your pride and soul.

Yet, when you brush the negative devil off one shoulder and disregard the warnings, you know that you want to give everything you can to creating the opportunity for your future to be everything you’ve dreamt of.

Dreams are what makes life beautiful and amazing – a dream, vision and belief that your future can hold all that is dear to you should be something that is nurtured, protected and fought for. And if you have a sense that part of that dream is coming, then waiting and anticipating is truly a delightful place to be.

So keep dreaming, keep anticipating, keep waiting for something truly special to happen – fight the voice of doubt, overcome the warnings from fear, and just hang on to what is important. Remember it costs you nothing to dream and everything not to.

What a woman wants is to hold her dreams close to her heart, but what a woman needs to trust is that reality can sometimes be better than anything she’s dreamt of.

Trust your instincts, wait for what you believe is right, anticipate with joy the delivery of that which you deserve and have faith that something as good as what you have imagined can actually exist. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

May all your dreams come true this month.

With much love


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