Breathless anticipation


Breathless anticipation. A feeling as light as a feather, as elusive as trying to recall a delicious dream upon waking, as tingling as the touch of the sun’s rays when you first emerge from the shadows.

A smile forming that twitches the corners of your mouth for unseen reasons. There’s an interesting contradiction of softer images, yet focused vision … Clarity of the unknown… How can this be?

I am walking with a lightness, a happiness, a sense of conviction that everything is going to be OK. I have no idea why nothing extraordinary has happened. Nothing has dramatically changed the environment in which I live. (Although I do have six new palm trees which are making me immeasurably happy).

But aside from that, I am still a single mum, I’m still working two jobs and I’m still committed to my long distance travels to balance my country living with my city meetings. I’m still driving my 10-year-old 4WD, and I am wearing boots with a broken zip. Life hasn’t got easier, yet, somehow, it has.  

As human beings we possess extraordinary skills and a mind with unfathomable powers. Whilst we often view our lifestyles, assets and physical attributes as less than ideal, the reality is we constantly harness our energy and power to create change, create drama, create peace, create wealth, create spaces to improve and duplicate our existence.

We grow families, gardens, businesses, buildings, communities. We fight for environmental rights, health rights, equality, refugees, whales and tip ice cold water on our heads for charity. We make a million choices every day, we have a power we often underestimate.

What I think we need to do more often, is make choices for us, for our own lives, for our core being. Whether you need to create a dream board (goal board, mood board, vision board – there’s loads of names for them, I love a good old dream board!), or do an audit of your own personal life (good things on one side, things that are unbalanced on the other) just work out a way to look at what it is you want, for you.

And then do something about it, decide what you think will make you happy (er).

I’ve done some personal development recently, and loved every second of it. I’ve done lots of personal development courses over the years, at corporate conferences, at sales seminars, as part of counselling studies, and as part of meditation and relaxation strategies. They all come down to the same thing. The power of your mind.

Clear the clutter and the noise, work out what you truly desire, and start to focus on the powerful positivity that it is possible. Be open to it happening – take the steps that need to be taken.

Do what you know has to be done. If you want to get fit, start exercising, but visualise achieving the goal, picture the result whilst you focus on taking each step.

Whatever your dream or your goal is, make sure it isn’t you who is standing in the way of making it happen. Believe in yourself.

I am walking around with an incredible feeling of positivity. Calm, but focused. I have no idea what is going to happen, but it feels like things are starting to happen … a few more successful business meetings, fitness creeping in, all deliciously coinciding with the feeling that spring really is approaching … I realise that I’m in love with the POSSIBILITIES my life holds, it’s not that something wonderful has happened, it’s that it could.

Have a great month, smile, be positive and see what it brings. What a woman wants is to achieve her goals, but all a woman needs is to believe in herself.
Abby xx

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Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

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