An extraordinary year

An extraordinary year

Isn’t it fantastic?! Are you having a great year too? This year just seems, well, different. New.

Maybe there was something to that “end of the world” thing that the Mayans were going on about. Not the world ending (as clearly, that didn’t happen), but the old energy ending and a new and fresh energy beginning.

I think that’s what the modern interpretation quoted anyway. But it doesn’t really matter who quoted what or predicted what, the fact is, it either is or it isn’t. Good, that is. See? It’s a great year already.

I have my reasons, my realisations, my hopes and inspirations and I even have a resolution or two for this year. And whilst I’m trying to quietly keep these exciting developments calm and allow them to develop naturally, my inner child is jumping up and down in joy.  And interestingly, I find that I realise that: what is meant to be, will be.

I find that even though I’m excited by things that are happening, I am more excited that the energy seems so positive and yet so calm (last year was, well, a little FRANTIC!) – it’s a whole new world.

I know this might sound all very “new age”, or actually “old age” hippy ... but, however whichever way I look at it, it’s about how things are feeling and the inner calm with just knowing everything is going to be wonderful.

It might sound like I’ve popped on the rose-coloured glasses (again, a tribute to the hippy days!) but I think it’s all for a very good reason.  Maybe the reason is that I’ve had the best holiday

I’ve had in years and haven’t quite got back into the daily grind! But seriously, this year is different. And it’s definitely not just me who’s feeling it.  I think the wonderful thing about embracing positive energy is that it keeps on giving and reaching out to those around you, so it continues to grow. What to do about all this?

Here’s the thing I’m going to do this year. I’m going to hang on to that good feeling. I’m going to choose to believe, I’m going to choose to hope and I’m going to commit to these wonderful things being achieved.

I know that things are going to work out the way they are meant to, and I am going to put my energy into positive affirmations. As things come together I am going to focus on welcoming their arrival and nurturing their growth. I’m going to protect my hopes, polish my dreams and give clarity to my goals.

I want to ask you to join me. Join me in committing to putting yourself first this year. Commit to being true to yourself. Commit to giving your hopes, dreams, ambitions and life the best possible protection it can have – your energy.

We all want happiness, successful business opportunities, lifestyle choices, family and friends and love.

They all have a place in our lives, in our hearts and souls, and deserve our energy. Let’s all commit to giving ourselves the best chance we can at achieving them, the strength to open ourselves to them and the courage to trust that wonderful things are happening.

This is going to be an extraordinary year.  And I can’t wait to share it with you.

Abby x

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