This pig is no muppet

You’ve heard of Babe – Pig in the City, now meet Miss Piggy of Docklands.

Miss Piggy is the latest attraction to hit Harbour Esplanade and though she may not be splashing in the mud, she is definitely making a splash with local residents and workers.

Owner Fester, who works at the Digital Harbour public carpark, purchased this little cutie the day before Mother’s Day, when she was just four weeks old, as a gift for his partner.

Miss Piggy now joins Fester at work every Tuesday and brings a smile to everyone who comes across her.

“I bring her in so that she can brighten up everyone’s day and put a smile on their face after a long hard drive to work. They think she is cute and take photos and talk about her at work and at home.”

Fester said Miss Piggy was very cheeky and enjoyed a cuddle.

“Every morning she wakes up to have breakfast at 5am because she knows I get up at 5.30am. After she finishes eating I take her outside and when she comes back inside she jumps into bed with my partner.”

Though she may be little and cute now, in 3.5 years time Miss Piggy will be a full-grown pig and will weigh approximately 115 kilos and be 120cm long and 50 cm tall.

So next time you’re near the Digital Harbour carpark on a Tuesday, make sure you pop in and say hi to Fester and
Miss Piggy.

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

June 1st, 2022 - Barbara Francis & Rus Littleson
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