Second decade consultations

VicUrban and the City of Melbourne have embarked on a series of consultations to determine the vision for the second decade of the Docklands development.

According to VicUrban general manager David Young, the process is designed to achieve “a shared vision with a set a of clear directions and priority actions for the second decade of development”.

The consultations follow the release on July 8 of a report outlining the state of the precinct as at December 2009 and the achievements of the first 10 years.

The consultation process involves three categories of participants – public, technical and strategic – and is designed to conclude in June next year when “priority actions”
are launched.

The public phase of the consultation involves focus groups and forums held in July and will also include: a “Docklands Speak Out” session on August 8; a “Docklands Pulse” residents and business survey running between August 9 and 26; a “vox pop” of visitors; as well as a “static display” running until August 20.

“Technical” stakeholders have enjoyed one-on-one meetings during July and will be further consulted through a series of forums on August 23.

“Strategic” stakeholders (defined as government, developers and corporates) have been written to and have been invited to a series of forums in July and August.

At the public forums, participants were asked for their views on a series of “emerging themes”, which Mr Young said had been taken from an earlier series of pubic consultations.

These themes are: Embracing the harbour; Events and attractions; Creating character; Getting to and around Docklands; and Technology and sustainability.

Mr Young said: “As part of planning for the Second Decade of Docklands we are seeking a wide range of options and ideas from people who live, work and visit Docklands about what is needed in the second decade of development. As ideas are proposed we will seek community feedback on these ideas.”

“Four initial ideas that have been proposed through consultation to date are: a new Western Park at the end of NewQuay; temporary uses of the western tip of Central Pier; linking Victoria Harbour and NewQuay; and a library.”

“We will be developing options for each of these ideas in the coming months which will be shared with the community to obtain input and feedback.”

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

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