Residents to vote on Lacrosse plan

Lacrosse residents will soon be able to vote on a solution to make their building compliant with Australian building regulations.

The building has been facing issues with compliance since a fire brigade (MFB) investigation into the Lacrosse fire found that non-compliant cladding had contributed to the spread of the November 2014 blaze.

In October last year the City of Melbourne issued all 400 Lacrosse owners with building orders requiring them to replace the external cladding on their building within 350 days.

Fraser Main, managing director of Lacrosse’s facilities management company, Trevor Main Group, said he was currently awaiting council approval on a sprinkler solution for the building.

Once approval of this solution is received Mr Main said he would present the building’s owners’ corporation (OC) with three options. Once the committee signs off on these options they will be presented to owners to vote on.

Mr Main said the three options available to owners would be: to appeal the council orders at the Building Appeals Board; a sprinkler solution (pending council approval) involving installation of sprinklers on balconies; or the entire re-cladding of the building.

Mr Main said Lacrosse builder LU Simon had committed to delivering the sprinkler solution option at no cost to owners.

“I do continue to see a real dedication from LU Simon to find a solution. They’re not admitting liability, but they’re certainly looking at finding a compliant solution at no cost,” Mr Main said.

However, Mr Main said if the owners decided to proceed with the re-cladding option it will be at their own cost and compensation would need to be sought through the courts or via negotiation.

Owners are still waiting to learn the outcome of the Victorian Building Authority’s investigation into the conduct of LU Simon and the relevant building surveyor.