Meet the sister

You’ve met Boubouki. Now meet his little sister Louloudi.

Louloudi, affectionately know as Lulu, is the gorgeous new pet of Docklands Chamber of Commerce vice-president, Elena Tsapatolis. 

Purchased by Elena at the end of last year, Lulu felt instantly at home in Docklands – mainly because she was already a resident of Victoria Point before moving in with Elena in NewQuay.

A beautiful Maltese cross Pomeranian, Elena found Lulu when her friend alerted her to an advertisement on the website Gumtree.

“My friend called me up because she knew I wanted a female dog and was worried that Lulu would go to the ‘puppy mill’ because she wasn’t spayed,” Elena said.

Falling instantly in love with the three-year-old dog whose previous owners were moving overseas to Indonesia, Elena decided to call her Louloudi, which means flower in Greek.

“Boubouki means flower bud, so now I have a flower bud and a flower, but I mainly call her Lulu for short or Elle because she’s so skinny with long beautiful legs,” Elena said.

Lulu’s stunning looks don’t just end at her legs, as she has amazing eyelashes which would make most girls jealous.

“She’s definitely a girly girl. She likes to be groomed and she’s very pretty,” she said.

With a playful personality and ears that hangout out like curtains, Lulu is sure to continue to impress the residents and visitors around Docklands.

“I often get told that she looks like a gremlin because of her long ears, but pixie is much nicer.”

Boubouki and Lulu get along famously and, with only three months in age difference between them, they both love to play together and go on their three daily walks.

“They love being together and they look out for each other,” Elena said.

Summer at The Docks

Summer at The Docks

December 1st, 2021 - Shane Wylie
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