Cat’s got his heart

Arthurs Creek local Henry wears his cat in his jacket while viewing apartments in Docklands.

During her day out in Docklands, Crazy sat comfortably in her “dad’s” jacket, occasionally peeking out and staring intently at the seagulls on the wharf.

“She must be hungry,” Henry said.

At three months old, this domestic long hair cat is a fur-ball of tricks. Other than the usual handshakes and obeying commands, Henry says: “She boxes.”

Living on a farm back in Arthurs Creek, Crazy enjoys chasing chickens in their coop. When she is tired, Crazy kicks back and lazes around in the front yard.

Crazy was about three weeks old when Henry brought her home.

Henry found her at Mernda Market at Whittlesea. He was walking through the market when he heard a faint purr. He was certainly not looking to buy a cat.

Mernda Market is not the place you would go to for a pet, and shop owners were not licensed to sell animals, according to Henry. With a little roughing up of the shop owner, Henry managed to convince him to part with Crazy.

And how much did Henry pay for the liberation of Crazy?

“It was the best two dollars I’ve ever spent,” Henry said.

Henry brings his little furry companion wherever he can. He would dress her up in her favourite bowtie, and tuck her away in his coat. Henry calls Crazy his little wingman.

“She has a way with the ladies,” Henry said.



May 4th, 2022 - Abby Crawford
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