Nice place ... great view!

English Rotary friendship exchange couple Marjorie and John Lowey were blown away by Melbourne Docklands during a brief stay last month.

The couple from St Ives, Cambridgeshire, were hosted by a local Rotarian from October 19 to 21 as the first of four home-stays around Rotary District 9800.

Coming from rural England, the couple were stunned by the expansive high-rise views from their host’s 24th floor apartment.

“The first thing that hit us was the spectacular views,” John said.  “And the very easy access to the city centre and main line train station is very impressive.”

“There seems to be a nice combination of industrial, commercial and residential from what we have seen of Docklands.”

Marjorie said there was simply so much to look at.  “It’s so diverse,” she said. “I enjoyed seeing the boats and cruisers as well as the rowers first thing in the morning.  And it all just seems to work so well.”

John said: “There just seems to be a smooth efficiency about the place without the stress and pressure of a major inner centre.”

The Loweys have been involved in Rotary for more than 25 years.  During that time they have hosted Rotarians from South Africa, Brazil, Australia, USA and India as well as three teenagers on school-year exchanges. 

In return, they have been hosted in the USA and Australia.

John said: “We’ve gained far greater insights into the different cultures by being directly involved with families, rather than just being tourists.”

The Rotary Club of Docklands meets every Tuesday from 6pm.  Contact Leisa Wheatland on [email protected] or 0448 945 555.