More hoon stings planned

More hoon stings planned

By Sean Car

As hoon activity continues escalate in Yarra’s Edge since the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, local police will ramp up efforts to stamp out the behaviour.

In late November, Docklands News received more correspondence from affected residents in the precinct following reports of burnouts and drag racing taking place along Lorimer St on Friday and Saturday nights.

One resident said the past two weeks had been “particularly bad”.

“The police attended this week, at least three police vehicles, but as soon as they left the hooning began again,” the resident said.

“The amount seems to be growing, arriving for hours and leaving with so much noise for hours. There have also been packs of motor bikes, around 20 or so bikes at a time.”

But Docklands News understands local police and Melbourne Highway Patrol will continue to closely monitor the situation with a number of targeted “stings” planned to mitigate the growing issues.

In July, more than 50 local residents met with local police and the City of Melbourne at Point Park to discuss solutions to the issues caused by weekend car meet-ups in the precinct.

Residents in NewQuay said the issues were becoming increasingly bad at their side of Docklands as well, with cars and motorbikes known to frequent Docklands Drive and streets surrounding Ron Barassi Senior Park.

The council and local police continue to work with residents on a range of preventative measures.

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