Makeover for Enterprize

Docklands tall-ship Enterprize had a makeover last month, including a new engine.

Every two years the ship is removed from the water for significant maintenance work.

“We’re going though our biennial lay-up, which is when all the heavy maintenance work is done,” Enterprize general manager Michael Womack explained.

The ship was pulled out of the water at a slipway at Appleton Dock for a week last month, where major work was completed.

Enterprize ship’s master Kevin Martin was onboard to manage the maintenance program, while shipwright and boatbuilder Igor Bjorksten, who helped to build the boat 19 years ago, was also on hand to assist with the work.

Mr Womack said the out-of-water maintenance program included cleaning the ship’s hull and ensuring any anti-fouling paint chipped off over the past two years was filled, undercoated and new anti-fouling paint applied.

He said the anti-fouling paint prevented crustaceans and other marine animals from attaching themselves to the hull and potentially damaging the ship.

The ship was back in the water by mid-July and Mr Womack said most of the maintenance work occurred while the ship was in the water.

This included the replacement of the ship’s engine – the first time in 19 years this has been required.

Cummins donated the new engine, while Hempel supplied the anti-foul paint, Mr Womack said.

All of the ship’s rigging was also removed and replaced with rigging made from hemp purchased from Holland.