Local crime decreases

Docklands remains one of the safest suburbs in Melbourne and has even seen a slight reduction in crime, according to crime statistics released last month.

The statistics show 1382 crimes were reported in Docklands in 2015, down 5.8 per cent on 2014.

In 2015 Docklands crimes comprised just 4 per cent of the total recorded crimes in Melbourne municipality.

The statistics show an overall increase in total crime in the Melbourne area, up from 32,747 crimes in 2014 to 33,334 offences in 2015.

Of these, the majority were recorded in Melbourne’s CBD, with 22,080 offences in 2015.

According to Melbourne West Local Area Commander, Inspector Simon Stevens, the overall increase in crime in Melbourne was driven by the property crime category, which includes property damage, theft and burglary. 

“Although these offences are sometimes viewed as ‘victimless’ crimes, they do have considerable impacts when it comes to feelings and perceptions of safety,” Inspector Stevens said.

On the other hand, the category “crimes against the person” has remained stable over the past 12 months.

“While it’s pleasing not to see an increase in this area, there’s more work to be done to reduce assaults, robberies and other forms of threatening behaviour,” Inspector Stevens said.

“The shared vision of a 24-hour city without violence is achievable if we can change community acceptance. We’ll continue to work with our partners and stakeholders every day to adapt to new trends and risks. But the community plays a role in this too and if we look after each other we can create a safe and enjoyable city.”

Aside from the recent crime statistics release, Inspector Stevens said police would be targeting hoon driver behaviour in Docklands particularly along Docklands Drive and Footscray Rd.