Labor supports postcode 3007

Labor supports postcode 3007

By Sean Car

An elected Phil Reed Labor team at the upcoming City of Melbourne council elections would support a push from within the Yarra’s Edge community to give the area its own unique identity.

Labor Party veteran Phil Reed and his team, consisting of Wesa Chau (deputy), Davydd Griffiths, Mary Delahunty and Hamdi Ali, have entered the race for Town Hall and have been busy understanding key issues to Docklands.

One issue, which the team’s representative “south of the river” Mary Delahunty is right behind, is a desire from many in the Yarra’s Edge community to give the area its own postcode and suburb name.

As reported in the July edition of Docklands News, the group has circulated a petition on the issue and is seeking the postcode 3007 be established for the area, as well as the name “Yarra’s Edge”. The name “Lorimer” has also been considered, due to the future development of the surrounding precinct as part of Fishermans Bend.

Councillor hopeful Mary Delahunty, a former Glen Eira Mayor, said her team was right behind the idea and would advocate for it if elected.

“I think this is a great issue,” she said. “Having the City of Melbourne behind such a proposal would add a lot weight.”

“It [Yarra’s Edge] has got some great attractions and its own identity. The name of a suburb should reflect that.”

Ms Delahunty said they had also consulted locals regarding the “vexed transport issue” of connecting the city to Fishermans Bend and that Labor supported bringing Metro 2 forward ahead of the tram bridge proposal.

“We’ve come to a position that we believe the most articulate and future-proofed solution is to urgently bring the Metro 2 project forward,” she said. “I think the cement industry really do believe a tram will have a significant impact as well and we don’t want to take jobs away.” •

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