From little things, big things grow!

From little things, big things grow!

By Sean Car

A letter to the editor of Docklands News published in last month’s edition has managed to make it all the way to Spain and back again!

Local resident Daryl Mead sent an open letter to NewQuay developers Michael and Andrew Buxton of MAB Corporation, which was published in the September edition of Docklands News, calling on them to reconsider their plans for MAB’s NewQuay West site.

As part of his letter, Mr Mead called on the developers to “redouble” their philanthropy and deliver a new maritime museum at NewQuay with possible pedestrian linkages around Victoria Harbour.

The local Docklander suggested that the services of who he described as “the best architect in the world” in Spaniard Santiago Calatrava be called upon to make his proposal a reality.

Santiago Calatrava is a world-renowned architect, engineer and artist who has designed many well-known international projects including the Milwaukee Art Museum, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York and the Turning Torso tower in Malmo, Sweden, to name a few …

And lo and behold, Mr Calatrava caught Mr Mead’s letter via the Docklands News website and responded with a letter of his own addressed to both Daryl and the Buxton brothers, complete with a copy of his monograph Calatrava: Complete Works!

“It really touched me that on the side of the world, a person I do not know personally would so warmly recommend my work,” Mr Calatrava wrote.

He also extended his appreciation to MAB for its “impressive body of work”.

“Although I have never worked in Australia, I have long admired your country, its people and its architectural legacy from afar. It would be an honour to have the chance to construct a project there at any scale,” he wrote.

“If you know of any possibilities for such work in your area, I would be honoured to be part of it.”

While MAB expressed its appreciation of Mr Calatrava’s comment and agreed that it was a remarkable occurrence, it wouldn’t comment on whether it was open to his offer to design a new Docklands landmark just yet!

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