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“Save our Park” campaign over Serrata

03 Aug 2010

“Save our Park” campaign over Serrata Image

Mosaic and Montage residents have launched a “Save our Park” campaign in an attempt to stop the Serrata development in Bourke St.

To spearhead the campaign, they have developed a website, which features an online petition.

Montage Owners Corporation chair Jeff Slabe said residents felt that if they were to be denied a community building for the land then they would prefer it to be a park.

The land, between the Gauge and the Montage/Mosaic apartments, has always been earmarked for development.

However, a dispute between Lend Lease and some residents erupted recently when the developer announced a 15-storey low-density building for the site.  The residents claim they were told when purchasing that the site was reserved for “community use”.  Lend Lease denies this claim.

Serrata will have 144 apartments and 68 car spaces. Most apartments are 50 sq m, single-bedroom units without car parking.

Mr Slabe said he believed it was not too late to prevent Serrata being built, despite it being 50 per cent sold on the first weekend of sales in June.

He said the “Save our Park” campaign was designed to get the attention of politicians, Docklands corporations and residents.  He said corporations particularly made full use of the currently vacant land as their staff played ball games there during lunch time.

“We need this green lung in the area, otherwise the area becomes less conducive and attractive to families with children and others,” he said.

He said Victoria Green, the existing park behind the development site was a “prison exercise yard” which would be “hemmed in by a concrete jungle”.

A Lend Lease spokesperson said: “Lend Lease has acted in accordance with its Development Agreement obligations and has sought all required approvals from VicUrban and consent authorities in relation to development on this particular site.”

“The Victoria Harbour Masterplan identifies this site as a development site. The site was grassed by Lend Lease to provide temporary amenity for its residents and workers and was sign-posted by VicUrban for future development following the removal of the construction hoardings along Bourke St in 2008.”

“The adjoining Victoria Green will remain a public park and has been set aside as a City of Melbourne-owned reserve.”

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  • John at 11:17pm on 04/08/10

    To an outsider, this is a bizarre protest. Surely the Montage residents would have only moved into their newly developed homes recently. So it seems a little bit hypocritical then that they are trying to block another new development.

    It reminds me of a someone squeezing onto a crowded train at one stop and then trying to stop any more people getting on at the next stop.
  • Kent at 2:11pm on 06/08/10

    Annoyed to see a group of selfish resident protests when there is a Dockland Park next to them? How many parks do they need to be surrounded by?

    Saying, it is currently a ”prison exercise yard” and that is becoming a “concrete jungle” are typical wealthy people behaviour! Why live so near to the city when the idea of the concrete jungle doesn't appeals?

    Simply ignorant & arrogant!
  • Amanda at 4:32pm on 12/08/10

    I think the other comments are ignorant & arrogant; perhaps the owners were misrepresented and told that there would be no high-rise only a community centre. I feel for these owners who were lied to and congratulate them for putting their heart and should into this and standing up for what they believe in. Rude people that can not respect that what they are fighting for should shut up!
  • Francis Ruggiero at 6:10pm on 13/08/10

    The real issues that should concern everyone in Melbourne and in particular, the Docklands Community include the loss of an area that the sales team of Lend Lease promised and represented would be a community-use development. Instead, Lend Lease intends to develop and sell Serrata, which is not a community use development.
  • Francis Ruggiero at 6:11pm on 13/08/10

    Docklands needs more green areas and more parkland regardless of who the residents are, and who is governing Victoria. This is a real issue for the evolutionary growth of Docklands for business owners, residents and tourism.
  • Francis Ruggiero at 8:32am on 15/08/10

    Serrata will have an immediate effect on local amenities and be detrimental globally.
    There is much talk about the environment, climate change, and looking for ways to reduce carbon. The best way of implementing all that talk is more grass, and green, and therefore, less carbon, which the grass and soil absorbs. Concrete does not absorb carbon.
  • Ben at 12:35am on 17/08/10

    These people need to get over it. It was always going to be developed. It has a sign saying "future development site" on it. What makes them think it was going to be a park?
  • Robert Evans at 8:50am on 17/08/10

    14/02/06 Media Release lend lease
    Two and three bedroom apartments boast dual aspects with views east over parks to the city and west to the sunsets over Victoria Green.
    To have an apartment building with parks to the front and back is unmatched anywhere in Melbourne.
    The entire building is surrounded by lush parklands with Docklands Park to the east and Victoria Green to the west.
  • Robert Evans at 9:02am on 17/08/10

    Question put to Bronwyn Pike. Why is such a community asset of open space and parkland being destroyed? Your recent letter to Docklands News can be quoted "maintaing and improving open spaces in our cities is vital for our health and well being-no more than in inner urban areas such as Docklands".
    Despite several attempts to get an answer from Bronwyn Pike,she has been silent on Serrata.
  • Francis Ruggiero at 1:23pm on 17/08/10

    Representatives for Mosaic and Montage met with VicUrban providing background material not previously known to VicUrban about the misrepresentations and lack of consultation. Concerned by these issues VicUrban indicated that it would carry out enquiries; however, Bronwyn Pike is yet to formally respond.

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