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New plan for Digital Harbour

30 Aug 2011

New plan for Digital Harbour Image

The long-awaited revised Digital Harbour masterplan last month received ministerial sign-off.

The new-look Digital Harbour precinct is more rounded than what was first proposed and now includes substantially more residential activity.

The other major change is drastically improved road access.  At a time when much of Docklands is struggling with traffic problems, Digital Harbour is adding direct access to and from Wurundjeri Way and LaTrobe St, over and above its Harbour Esplanade connection.

Underground road access will be provided to Wurundjeri Way and a new street called Harbour Terrace will snake through the middle of the precinct and connect with LaTrobe St.

Digital Harbour is not currently as well developed or well known as some of Docklands’ other precincts.  It is bounded by Harbour Esplanade, LaTrobe St, Wurundjeri Way and Dudley St.

But, with the recent opening of NBN Co’s national testing and operations centre and the rapidly constructed Melbourne Water headquarters, the precinct is coming into
its own.

The development of E-Gate to its immediate north will further position Digital Harbour as a key central linkage in Docklands’ development.

According to Digital Harbour director David Napier, this developing inner-urban community could house 2000 residents by 2020 with up to 25 per cent of the area now identified as possible residential.  Some 7000-8000 workers will also be housed in this mixed-use environment by the time it is completed.

The working population of the area will soon hit 2500 when Melbourne Water comes on stream.

Digital Harbour is known for some of its high-tech business tenants and Mr Napier doesn’t see that changing in the future.

“Digital Harbour continues to foster a leading-edge technology environment which also provides a platform for the incorporation of education facilities,” Mr Napier said.

Mr Napier said he welcomed the
opportunity to include educational facilities within the community.  Digital Harbour is VicUrban’s preferred location for a Docklands primary school.

The Digital Harbour of the future will incorporate a larger, fully landscaped public open space north of the Innovation Building, together with a similar larger public open space at the north end of the site at Dudley St.  It is envisaged that a pedestrian bridge across Dudley St would connect E-Gate to Docklands.

“A greater emphasis has been placed on the creation of a more balanced community environment whereby approximately 25 per cent of the built area will be dedicated to residential apartments, subject to market demand.  Approximately 650 to 750 apartments have been included within the master plan to encourage a 24/7 activation of our neighbourhood,” Mr Napier said.

“Immediately north of Melbourne Water is a 100 metre height zone enabling the incorporation of a tall commercial office building that will counterbalance Lacrosse on the south side of LaTrobe St whilst providing view lines for occupants of this tall tower to the waterfront,” Mr Napier said.

“A similar counter-balancing Docklands gateway tower is intended for the north-west corner of Digital Harbour on the corner of Dudley St and Harbour Esplanade to accommodate an ‘apart-hotel’ and residential apartments.”

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  • Guillaume at 7:47am on 01/09/11

    Once again Docklands News breaks the news. I note that The Age published this item the day after D.N September edition is launched. Well done D.N!

    I hope the developers know what they are doing. There is not enough open space in Docklands. The area needs more people for sure, but they need to be able to get around once they are here. They need to be able to park their cars.
  • Jsl at 5:01pm on 01/09/11

    Hopefully, Digital Harbour, VicUrban’s preferred location for a Docklands primary school becomes a reality. The 2012 Prep intake for Port Melbourne Primary is expected to be 140 students and the situation at Port Melbourne Primary is near breaking point. Both the state government and developers need to build a Docklands Primary School now

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