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Docklands trivia

28 Jun 2011

Docklands trivia Image

When it comes to Docklands, it appears that no one knows more about it than Sally Hewitt and her team who blitzed the field at the Docklands Chamber of Commerce’s trivia night on June 21.

“Sally’s Team” (pictured) beat six other teams and had amassed 35 points to win by four at the event hosted by the chamber to celebrate the end of the financial year.

Docklands News editor Shane Scanlan compiled the questions and conducted the quiz at Platform 28.

We present the questions here so you can test your knowledge of your local area.  Answers can be found here.



1.  The Docklands Chamber of Commerce’s first Annual General Meeting was held on October 5, 2004.  Who was elected its first president?
– Brian Tanti;  
– Linda Patching; or  
– Paul O’Halloran.

2. Which artist designed the Webb Bridge?  
– Vashti Gonda;
– Robert Owen; or  
– John Kelly.

3. In October 2007, a Docklands religious leader had briefly more internet coverage than the Pope.  Who was he and what was the event that captured the world media’s attention?

4. Who was elected president of the Docklands Community Association in 2008?
– Roger Gardner;  
– Michele Anderson; or
– Peter Henderson?

5. Who was the inaugural president of the Docklands Rotary Club?  
– Ann Ellis;
– Antoinette Saunders; or
– Mark Nutter?

6. Who succeeded Michael Hynes in 2009 as VicUrban’s general manager for Docklands?
–  Pru Sanderson;
– David Young; or  
– Simon Wilson.



1. How many Green Stars environmental ranking did the Goods Shed North, the building we are in now, achieve when it was refurbished?
– 4;
– 5; or
– 6.

2. The Westgate Bridge has more than twice the clearance of the Bolte Bridge.
True of false?  

3. How long did the Southern Star Observation Wheel operate before closing after cracks were noticed in its supporting struts in January 2008?
– 18 days;
– 28 days; or
– 40 days.

4. The Port of Melbourne Corporation has proposed a rail bridge in front of the Bolte Bridge to carry containers from Webb Dock to its Dynon facility.  What is the clearance of this bridge?
– 8 metres;  
– 28 metres; or  
– 58 metres

5. The Docklands Yacht Club has its home in:
– Shed 2;
– Shed 4; or
– Shed 14?

6. Apart from the City Circle Tram (35) name the other six tram routes which service Docklands?



1. In round 14, 2009, Geelong and St Kilda set a record attendance at Etihad Stadium for an AFL game.  How many fans were there?
– 43,567;
– 54,444; or  
– 61,879.

2. The first employees at the ANZ Centre were ready for their first day’s work on:
– November 17, 2008;
– September 28, 2009; or
 – February 1, 2010.

3. The artwork Blowhole was opened on November 13 in which year?  
– 2005;
– 2006; or
– 2007.

4. VicUrban and the City of Melbourne invited Docklanders to a “second decade of Docklands” consultation at the Digital Harbour Theatrette on what date:
– December 7, 2009;
– May 3, 2010; or
– May 11, 2011.

5. The municipal function was handed back to the City of Melbourne in July of which year?  
– 2007:
– 2008; or
– 2009

6.  When did Costco open?
– December 22, 2008;
– August 7, 2009; or
– January 4, 2010.


General Knowledge

1.  What is the name of the vessel which has just been recovered from the bottom of the harbour at Central Pier?
– Lady Chelmsford;
– Lady Chatterley; or  
– Lady Rankin?

2. When the Docklan ds News was first published in 2003, how many apartments were there in Docklands?
– 800
– 1000; or
– 1200.

3. In 2005, VicUrban launched a community intranet in Docklands. What was it called?
– Onboard;  
– iPort; or  
– Docklander?

4. What was the first name of Southern Cross Station?
– Batman’s Hill Station;
– Spencer Street Station; or  
– Colonial Station.

5. When VicUrban bought the Victoria Point sales display suite and turned it into The Hub community centre, how much did it pay for the building?
– $1;
– $250,000; or  
– $400,000.

6.  What is the name of the foot-bridge which connects North and South Wharfs?
– Seafarers Bridge;
– Convention Bridge; or
– Little Grimes Bridge.

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