Double the Docklands Probus!

Double the Docklands Probus!

Probus clubs are associations that retired and semi-retired people use to facilitate social and interest opportunities. Their popularity among Docklanders means that the suburb now has two.

Docklands got its second Probus club this year, after the first had filled up with more than 100 members, forcing the overflow of interest onto a waiting list. It held its first meeting in March, a few days before our first lockdown.

Dubbed the Bearbrass Probus – to differentiate itself from the first Docklands group, the Sunrise Probus – the group of now 52 members have been meeting fortnightly on Zoom since the start of the pandemic.

But now, with a Victoria that appears virus-free, the group is beginning to resume face-to-face activity.

Julie Cookson has lived in Docklands for almost six years and joined the new club in March when it was set up.

“I was actually in the first club. When I saw that the second was being set up, I thought it would be a really good opportunity to start in a group from the ground up and help build it,” Julie said.

“To get to know people from the beginning makes a difference.”

Julie said the second club had attracted members from a larger area, while the first mainly consisted of Docklands – but some were attracted because of an interest they had in moving to the area.

“We have one member who lives in Berwick, but her intention is to eventually move to Docklands or the CBD,” she said.

Julie’s “moving to Docklands story” is not dissimilar, in a way. She spent her career working as a nurse and living in Bundoora. After her son had grown up, she decided it was time for a move.

“I always had this yearning to live in either St Kilda or the city. I chose St Kilda, and it was a bad mistake,” she said.

“I don’t know what it was but I only lasted there 18 months and I never felt part of a community, so then I moved in here.”

She had used Probus clubs, and others like them, since living in Bundoora to help foster a sense of belonging to a community.

“Somebody said to me when I wasn’t happy in St Kilda, that when you live in the city you’re never alone – and I hate being alone and I like to keep myself busy,” Julie said.

She said the club was still looking for new members to join and engage in its variety of activities, which were now gearing up with restriction ease.

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