Lormier St towers get full makeover from Docklands’ “Foyer Queen”

Lormier St towers get full makeover from Docklands’ “Foyer Queen”

By Katie Johnson

As a self-professed “foyer queen” with a keen eye for boutique design, Mandi Chambers was the best person for the job of refurbishing the Lorimer St towers.

Having already completed the rooftop and foyer of Tower 2, this year Mandi was approached by management to refurbish the foyer of Tower 4, which she gutted and re-did to a higher standard.

“Beforehand it looked like a corporate tower with a black leather couch, a coffee table and nothing else. It didn’t suit a waterfront property,” Mandi said.

“My style is boutique hotel and I wanted to make it look luxurious, unique and 5-star.”

As a seasoned commercial interior designer who began her career in fashion, Mandi said that every project she completes is unique as she custom designs all of the elements.

“Design is my passion and it’s a combination of everything I know,” Mandi said.

“For my projects I’m on-site every day and I custom design everything from the furniture, coffee tables, carpet to panelling so it’s all unique and nothing is repeated.”

As a resident of Tower 2, Mandi has also completed multiple projects in the building, including Tower 2’s rooftop terrace.

“It’s got barbecues and a Zen area. It’s a really beautiful, big space that people can go up and sun bake or spend time with their families, so it really completes the tower,” Mandi said.

Mandi’s earliest project in Tower 2 was re-doing the two main foyers four years ago, which won her the Polytec Design Award for commercial work.

“When I first moved in it was the standard couch with two armchairs, and some ugly artwork which looked like someone vomited. So, it needed a lot of work,” Mandi said.

“I work with an amazing builder, Coco Fitouts, who has been great because I’m very fussy about the work I do, and I want to complete my vision to the highest standard.”

Since the recent transformations took place, residents like Karen Williams have been delighted by the creative, modern spaces they now get to enjoy.

“Mandi’s clever design maximised our budget to create a luxurious, inviting space, filled with warmth and light,” Karen said.

“Her end-to-end approach including custom made furniture and carpets have thrilled the residents, who cannot believe the transformation in four short weeks.”

Aside from the Lorimer Towers, Mandi has completed many other projects in Docklands and the CBD including restaurants in Marvel Stadium, 19 Genesis Care offices and Deakin University.

And as a Docklands resident of 12 years, Mandi is all too happy to add value to the spaces which she has come to love.

“The tower is a boutique, waterfront location so it needed designs that match that. As soon as I enter a space, I start thinking about how to improve the design and the function,” Mandi said.

“I’m known for the wow factor because I’ll never do something boring.” •

Contact Mandi: mandi.com.au and see more of her work on Instagram at @mandichambers

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