Accidental Docklanders

Accidental Docklanders

Accidental Docklanders

Zoe Knighton is a renowned cellist who also happens to call Docklands home.

She has lived in Docklands with her husband and three-year-old son since 2010.

Docklands has proved to be the perfect place for Zoe and her family, not only because of its convenient location but also because of the community they have come to know and love.

Zoe is a founding member of the Flinders Quartet, a string quartet that has performed throughout Australia.

She’s also released two CDs with duo partner, pianist Amir Farid, and teaches at the University of Melbourne and privately.

To add to that Zoe also plays with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria.

Zoe said her passion for the cello began at age nine when she started learning the instrument at school.

She was given a choice of playing the violin or the cello and her sister, who was already learning the violin, strongly advised that the cello was actually her only option.

“So I have my sister to thank,” Zoe said.

Zoe now leads a busy musical life and so Docklands was a natural choice when she and her family decided to move closer to the city three years ago.

“It’s just so easy, I can just jump on a tram and pop over to the arts precinct to perform and rehearse,” Zoe said.

But the convenience and ease of lifestyle isn’t the only thing Zoe loves about Docklands.

Zoe said the community was one of her favourite things about Docklands.

Zoe said she and her family hadn’t expected to stay in Docklands so long but one of the things that had kept them here was how community-minded everyone was.

“We know the people in the supermarket by name. We know a lot of our neighbours very well. I love that there are so many spaces we can relate to and communicate with the residents in Docklands,” Zoe said.

“We really enjoy Docklands on the weekend when it’s a bit quieter, we’ve got the best of both worlds,” she said.

Zoe said some of her friends were surprised she had stayed in Docklands for so long.

“They are surprised to hear we do feel very connected to the people and services here,” Zoe said.

One such service is the Hub on Harbour Esplanade, where Zoe performed solo last year and will return again to perform later this year.

“I do believe very strongly it is my role as a musician to help people experience music in a very local way,” Zoe said.

Zoe said her performance at the Hub last year was one of the highlights of her year due to a group of curious and engaged children.

“What was lovely last year was that we had a group of kids that were putting up their hands and asking questions between everything I played,” Zoe said.

Zoe will return to the Hub for a lunchbox session on Thursday, April 11.

Although they never saw themselves living in Docklands for too long, Zoe said she and her family would continue living in Docklands for the foreseeable future.

“We consider ourselves very lucky to be living here.”

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