Conder access is still a sore point

By Alison Kinkade

VicUrban and MAB have proposed a possible resolution for access to NewQuay’s Conder building, but resident Warren Mills says it’s still not enough.

The potential solution would see Palmyra Way become connected to Aquitania Way, allowing Conder residents access to Harbour Esplanade via Docklands Drive.

VicUrban’s Docklands development director, Simon Wilson, said:

“On October 14, VicUrban and MAB Corporation met with Mr Mills to discuss a potential solution to improve vehicle access to the Conder building, whereby Palmyra Way could be connected to Aquitania Way, allowing access to and from Harbour Esplanade. This solution is subject to planning approvals and, if approved, will be implemented as part of future development by MAB Corporation behind the Conder building.”

While Mr Mills is grateful that a potential solution has been reached, he says that there are still a few issues that need to be addressed to minimise the potential traffic problems which may arise when MAB finishes its development and the residential population surges.

“The change to the plans is an improvement, but there will still be traffic problems for residents, particularly when an event is on,” Mr Mills said.

Mr Mills believes that allowing a U-turn at the Harbour Esplanade/Dudley St intersection, and at the entry to the car park opposite Conder would be the best solution.

City of Melbourne acting CEO Linda Weatherson said: “We will continue to work with VicUrban and MAB to ensure this matter is addressed in the best way possible way, to ensure the safety and amenity of the area for Conder residents whilst maintaining traffic and public transport access.”

Mr Mills is also concerned with the lack of short-term parking in the area and says that this makes it difficult for tradesmen.

“The building often has tradesmen coming in and there is nowhere for them to park. I understand that metered parking will be put in place for quick visits, but it’s not appropriate for tradesmen who often have to stay for hours at a time and whose vehicles need to be close to there workplace,” Mr Mills said.

Ms Weatherson said tradesmen could make use of loading zones for short term parking needs but for longer-term parking they must make arrangements to park off street or apply for longer-term permits.

“As the development continues, City of Melbourne will continue to work with the appropriate agencies to ensure road safety is maximised and appropriate traffic arrangements are maintained in the area,” she said.