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Why Women Want - July 2019

03 Jul 2019

When the new year comes bounding around it’s such an exciting time; a hot summery week of feasting and indulging, of seeing family and friends to celebrate and plan and promise to catch up more frequently.

It’s an overtly optimistic, usually alcohol fuelled, evening where you wake convinced of just how wonderful the new year is going to be. “THIS, is going to be MY year” you say. And you believe it. In January.

And before long, it’s just a blur of meetings, an inundation of unexpected bills, a “Groundhog Day” of trying to locate matching socks or remember to pick up that shirt from the dry-cleaner. The exercise and yoga plans have gone the same way as the healthy eating and hydration mapping – they have been not only abandoned, but scoffed at with great mirth for their complete lack of achievability. The shelf of vitamins that were taken daily in January now barely have their lids flipped unless a particularly nasty hangover has you reaching for them in desperate search of solace. And you resign yourself to this being yet another one of “those years” rather than “your year”. Again.

But now it’s the end of financial year (EOFY). While this used to strike fear into my heart, being a marketer and therefore someone who traditionally clashes with the financial team in the office (we do too need to have imported flowers for that launch …accounts department “groans”), it no longer does. I used to see this time as being asked to find receipts I’d lost long ago, to be expected to explain the spend on events I’d long moved on from and various other painful interrogations. But now, with my own business, I see this as actually a line in the sand, a time to review and most importantly a time to plan.

What I have learned in all my years of new year celebrations and end of financial year explanations, is that it is all too easy for time to go faster than you. I’ve learnt that while we may have a plan on New Year’s Eve to be a better version of ourselves this year, that often by EOFY, we have realised we just haven’t quite achieved what we thought we would. And what I’ve learnt in focusing my business plans at the start of each financial year to have a successful business year, is this: neither plan is going to work on its own. Your personal plans and your business plans must be made hand-in-hand.

I have succeeded in growing a busy business. In fact, I have been frantic, stressed and usually only doing the things that are urgent. But in one way, growing the number of clients I have is a form of success.

However, it has come at the cost of my personal plans. And here’s another thing – I have recently had a personal experience that has made me re-evaluate everything that is important to me. When your health, or the health of someone you love, is threatened and compromised, well let’s just say that’s a complete leveller. That has you reeling in the absurdity of what you used to think was important, and gives you the most intense clarity of what you now know is the most important thing. And that thing is time.

So, here’s my suggestion: take this EOFY to take stock, not just on your business and your budgets, but on your heart and your soul. Work through a holistic plan to ensure that your goals align, that you can achieve both your personal/family goals as well as your business goals. I have learnt that one of the greatest business goals I can have is to give myself flexibility, to be able to drop everything and run to family or friends as needed. And I have learned that one of my greatest personal goals is to be fit and healthy so that I am in the best possible position to support people who need me, and to have the strength to work as clearly as possible during the time I am working. In other words, to be able to make every minute count.

Be aware of how you spend your time and make sure you are actively choosing how to live your life. Because here’s the thing – you are spending your time on one of three things – your personal goals, your business goals or someone else’s goals.

And one day you may wake up, and just wish you could have that time back to do it all differently.

I hope you find balance, I hope you achieve your goals, I hope that you enjoy your time in every capacity.

Until next month,

Abby x

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