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What women want - August 2013

30 Jul 2013

August? It’s August. How did that happen!?

The months have just been flying by. It felt like only weeks ago that it was the “new year” and we had grand plans and fabulous goals for the coming months.

February passed in a heatwave. Easter was a blur, not so much of chocolate and fun times but more of just, well, rushing. I think I drew breath in April … May was gone in record speed and June focused on EOFY which arrived quicker than my organisational skills could cope with.

Thank god I completely missed Dry July.

So here we are in August, the final month of winter (although looking out my window, it feels like the start of winter, not the end!). I do not have the elegant and magnificently toned physique of a ballerina (top of the goal list on New Years Eve), but I’m still thinking there’s time before bikini season.

Stop laughing. I might have missed Dry July (to be honest, it was never on the goal list), but I have had at least one AFD this year. And my plans to have my accounts and book keeping in a fabulously organised system, well, let’s just say my accountant is a little greyer as a direct result of my “good intentions”.

But I will tell you what I have done. I have got out there and given life a red-hot go. I have been open to finding love and, whilst that hasn’t happened, (like, not even close!) I am still happy and loving life on my own with my beautiful son.

I have passionately nurtured my business and it is slowly building. It’s nothing I can retire on just yet (only pay bills that are red!), but I’m investing my time, my money and my heart into growing it and it’s progressing. I have been nominated for a business award for my efforts – it doesn’t matter to me if I don’t get past the first round of judging. To have my baby business (just two years old) recognised is wonderful.  

I have been involved in the community, as a member of the Health Committee at our hospital and have presented our developments to the NSW Government Health Forum. I do this as a volunteer. I give my time to the hospital and all the community centres we present to, assisting them in understanding the services and options available to them, and assisting us in recognising the needs of our community.  

This gives me an enormous amount of happiness knowing that I am contributing to the community we are living in.

And I have found time, just three days, to take my son and his three mates to Port Macquarie to go whale watching. That’s not a long holiday, but it is an experience we will never forget.

Flying across the water at 75 kmh in an inflatable boat searching for humpbacks – well the boys really believed they were Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean for those of you who haven’t been subjected to the entire movie series!). As for sitting in a small rubber inflatable in the middle of the ocean with five humpback whales breaching only 10 metres from us, well that’s something Andrew (judging by the look of the boat drivers face) and I won’t forget either.

I have realised that even though the months are flying by, we are all actually doing and achieving amazing things, things that are important, things that we will always remember.
So, every now and then, take a little break and think about what you have done, rather than what you haven’t, and life just feels wonderful.

Don’t worry if the house is in a bit of chaos, or the “to do” list takes a detour, just make sure you’re giving it a red-hot go. Do the things that matter to you, that you truly believe in, and Love the Life you Live.

Till next month


PS: Don’t forget you can write to me at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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