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What Women Want - April 2011

29 Mar 2011

I am soooo excited right now.

It’s like those boiling hot days you endure when you feel like you’re sticking to everything, when you can’t think through the fog of the heavy heat, when you can’t even raise the energy to move, and then, a touch of a cool breeze starts to tickle your neck. You get goose bumps of anticipation, a tingle of excitement that it is finally coming – that the long-hoped for relief is on its way. Change, is arriving.
And it’s going to affect everything.

Let me tell you how it all started.  As you know, I’ve been living in my run-down yet “promising” country abode for a little while now. And I’ve been looking at the old bathroom visualising the new sanctuary I have planned, I’ve walked the edges of my kitchen measuring the space to see how many new appliances I can squeeze in. I’ve looked at my view from my small lounge to imagine the expanse of mountains filling the new vista of my rough-sketched multi, bi-fold walls.

Then, as I was sketching away, I realised how horribly predictable it was. I realised I was only improving what was already there, just fixing up what someone else had started long ago. I had created such a simple “before and after” story, that it was hardly worth doing (although, rest assured, entirely necessary!).

So I stopped. I stopped “fixing”, and sat and thought long and hard about what I wanted. Where I wanted to sit and look at the view, where I wanted to lie in a hot tub with a glass of champagne at night, where I wanted to sit at my new kitchen bench and spend the hours cooking and laughing with friends. And that’s when I realised that I had bought this house because I wanted to make SPECTACULAR changes. I didn’t buy it to “fix it up” –  I bought it to make my dreams come true.

As the clarity of this hit me, I worked feverishly changing everything around, putting things where I wanted them with no considerations to what was there before. I drew up the bathroom to a bigger room on the opposite side of the house with a large open window to take in the magnitude of the mountains from the tub and an open fire to linger by; my kitchen now runs adjacent to its original space and captures nearly 180 degrees of paddocks, cows and mountains through the glass walls – now doubling the entertainment space. I’ve designed the house for me. It’s designed for me to see that precious view, to reflect my needs (I do so need a walk-in wardrobe that size) to recognise what I want (double ovens), how I want to live, move and feel in my house.

But it didn’t stop there. I realised that, like my house, I had made the mistake in the past of trying to “fix” too many things, rather than ripping out walls that no longer need to be there. Okay, I know that sounds odd, but what I mean is I realised I needed to renovate my soul. I need to make more room for the things I love and really want in my life, and stop trying to work within the expectations of what was the past. Forget what that room used to be, and draw up a plan for what you really want it to be in the future.

I have the blue-print for my new house, and my new life. And I can’t wait to fill both, with everything I have dreamt of.

Have a great month.

Abby x

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