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Letters to the Editor - November 2015

29 Oct 2015

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A positive perception

I have been working in the Docklands district (Melbourne Water building) for over a year now and just love the area. It was only when I commenced working in this area that I have appreciated the beauty that Docklands has to offer.

My perception of Docklands was not a good one so I decided to change my preconceived thoughts via photography.  I wanted to see if I could change my thoughts of Docklands via my camera.

My latest photo (see above) to me shows how Docklands can showcase a beautiful colour atmosphere during the twilight hours. This photo was taken while I walked to the station one late afternoon. I decided to view the Bolte Bridge from Etihad Station while the sun was setting. As I take my camera everywhere, I was able to capture this fantastic view of Docklands.

As Docklands is still trying to gain popularity, I find myself thinking that this photo capture the beauty of the area and shows that this part of Melbourne is a place to visit.

So through my camera and exploring the area taking many photos, Docklands has changed my perception to a positive one.

Fabian Fernandez-Chavez

In response to Paul Salter

This letter is in response to the letters by Paul Salter, Sean Megson and Andrew Smith published in the last edition of Docklands News (October 2015).

Watergate OC would like to confirm that the interim resolution became a resolution on October 13 2015 with 95.5 per cent of the votes cast in favour of the resolution. Watergate OC has now lodged an appeal in the Supreme Court against the recent VCAT decision.

A successful appeal will help us combat the serious consequences of the unregulated short-stay industry:

  • Safety and security issues;
  • Increased maintenance costs;
  • Loss of property value; and
  • Damage to reputation.

The overwhelmingly positive vote in favour of the appeal shows clearly that the vast majority of the owners at Watergate see our building as a residential-only complex. Owners are angry at the actions of a few self-interested owners.

A statistically insignificant proportion of voters (4.5 per cent) opposed the special resolution. This tiny number includes owners who benefit financially from running a hotel-style operation in the building. Of all owners not associated with the short-stay industry, only seven voters opposed the resolution.

The State and Federal Government and all opposition parties are now on notice. If Watergate is representative, 19 out of 20 voters living in high-rise residential buildings will be opposed to short-stay business operators. There must be regulatory change at the highest level to stop self-interested hotel-style business operators taking advantage of current planning and legislative loopholes.

In response to “venting” and “it’s become personal”, it is evident that absentee owners involved in the short-stay industry are willing to go to great lengths to defend their commercial advantage by publishing unsubstantiated accusations against Watergate OC and building staff.

Watergate OC is a professionally run organisation and appropriate business processes are followed as required by law.

A quote from our special general meeting: a short-stay operator who addressed the voters saying, “I don’t care if 90 per cent of you are against me I will still operate my business here at Watergate.”

This alone displays a complete disregard by the short-stay operator for the well-being of the building and the majority of its owners.

Like Martin Ferguson, former Minister for Tourism, we are not opposed to the “sharing” economy but we are opposed to the “taking” economy.

Barbara Francis, chairperson
Rus Littleson, deputy chairperson
Watergate OC


Also in response

Since the special meeting of Watergate owners on September 14, I’ve received two letters from you including your intended letter to the editor.

More than 95 per cent of owners (who voted) declared that they do not want short stay apartments in the buildings and have agreed to fight to ensure that owners’ corporations (OCs) get the power to make and enforce rules, yet you keep encouraging us to change our vote.

I don’t need any more letters from you telling us we’re wasting money and I don’t need any more prefilled proxy forms.

The owners have spoken. We don’t want to spend the money, but you won’t listen to us and continue to hold the entire building hostage.

We bought in a secure-entry building, with secure elevator entry to our floor, yet now partly thanks to you and completely under the management of your business, we open our front door directly to a “hotel room” door occupied by whoever can click an internet button. Not the dream we’ve spent so much money for and continue to work bloody hard to pay for!

The Government offers new buildings the protection of specific floors and separate floors so I pray that, with lobbying from other owners and brave OCs willing to fight, they will protect us and our building too with regulation and legislation.

The Watergate owners are not stupid. We voted against short-stays because we don’t want them and nobody door-knocked or contacted us prior to the meeting!

It’s not personal against you. We just don’t want to live in a hotel or be held hostage by anyone wanting to run one.

So as your second letter says “from our family to yours, let’s finish this together”, please listen to the 95 per cent by respecting what we want instead of your own “livelihood” at our expense.

Take your business elsewhere and support OC’s ability to make rules for the benefit of the majority who live here and not those wanting to have fun or make money!

Kelly Mercer

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