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Letters to the Editor - November 2012

28 Oct 2012

Publicise events

Since I moved to the Docklands some eight weeks ago, I am looking forward to the “priceless” Dockland News every month in anticipation.

I think it is a fabulous paper, providing plenty of interesting and informative articles, edited with zest and thought-provoking editorials.

I concur with the ideas of “anonymous” (September, 2012) on how the publication can even have a stronger impact on the local people which may contribute to the emergence of a stronger-knit network amongst Docklanders and may enforce more meetings among the local community.

If I may add one more idea, I would like to suggest to perhaps add a section on events or festivals coming up that go beyond the regular monthly calendar that would enable us to plan ahead.

Such a section may include single or multi-venue events in the future, such as the comedy week in October 2012 and others, including the “Festival of Giving” in March 2013, planned to bring together businesses and residents around Victoria Harbour. More events may be planned.

Having said this, I would like to congratulate the staff on such a fine publication, to which I personally would be interested to contribute myself from time to time.

Best wishes.
Anja Latacz


Disgusted with councillors

I have lived at the Docklands for nearly five years now and was disgusted that councillors can stoop to holding secret meetings on major events like the New Year’s Eve Fireworks that bring in not only tourism but a general crowd to the area which promotes it more and (which) brings in money for the retailers and restaurants.

This is the only time of the year it generates any popularity in the area. I, as a resident, look forward to my family and friends coming here, eating, drinking and enjoying the fireworks on show and I’m sure other residents would feel the same.

And proposing to make this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations here better then ever, my question is how, when there’s no fireworks?

My prediction is, there will be a drop in people coming here for New Year’s Eve when they can go anywhere in the heart of the city and watch them, with more people there and more commuters. How does that justify it?

They seem to all say that they want to promote more for the Docklands area but seem not to want to put either the effort of marketing or the money into it, or both.

How can they make common decisions like that, because if it’s to do with safety, you don’t have to go far into the city itself to see there’s a general problem with revellers every New Year’s Eve on the streets. Why don’t they stop those fireworks for New Year’s Eve?



Family fireworks is needed

We run a successful sailing charter business in Docklands.

Every second year we are threatened with family fireworks closure.

This is our busiest night of the year on the boat, as a small operator of 30 guests.

We do two trips – one for families with their children and a second for adults.

In 2009 we had to cancel the first trip because City of Melbourne said they were cancelling the early fireworks. Sometime later they changed their minds and it went ahead.

We had cancelled our cruise and so lost money.

This year we are booked out again for the family sail, so where do we go from here?

Surely the need to bring families into this normally quiet area of the city must outweigh the cost of patrolling the city precinct that is kilometres away .

The family fireworks need to be a permanent event.

Darren and Jenni Hart
Adventure Sails

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