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Letters to the Editor - November 2011

02 Nov 2011

Thanks to local businesses

I would like to draw the Docklands community’s attention to the
generous support that the local Rotary club receives from Dockland’s

Our Rotary club conducts several fund-raising activities throughout
the year, to enable us to contribute to the many worthwhile Rotary
projects undertaken globally and locally.

These include massive worldwide undertakings such as the Polio Plus eradication program, Rotarians against malaria prevention alliance, International disaster relief, Australian Rotary Health, and closer to home, assistance for under-privileged groups and individuals in need.

The major shopping centres, accommodation providers, as well
as restaurateurs,  have shown exemplary community spirit in their support of Rotary and should be publicly recognised and commended.

Ann Ellis, President, Rotary Club of Docklands

Poor attitude to family

On October 15, 2011 we were invited to attend my sister’s 40th birthday at NewQuay International Buffet and Bar at Docklands. However my experience at this restaurant was most disappointing.

I arrived with my family at 12.30pm and my son Noah had already fallen asleep in the pram as he was feeling unwell on this day. The restaurant manager greeted us at the door and told us that no prams are allowed in the restaurant. Obviously, I queried why and he had very little to say except that “we have a sign stating this and these are our rules”. I looked around for the sign which I eventually found stating that “No prams are allowed due to OH&S reasons”. I tried to ask if I could place the pram against the wall in the corner where it would not get in anybody’s way but this was refused. I was asked to leave my son sleeping in the foyer of the restaurant as we could not wheel the pram through the restaurant. If it wasn’t for the birthday celebration I would not have even bothered to stay.

Just after we entered another lady entered with another baby on a pram, however on this occasion the manager decided she was allowed to remove the capsule and bring this into the restaurant. It seems to me that these rules are not clearly defined and if it really is an OH&S risk, this is not properly assessed because a baby in a capsule on the floor would pose the same risks as an infant in a pram.

I cannot accept that this restaurant can get away with this poor attitude to a family environment. If you cannot even go out dining with your family on a weekend lunch then when is this acceptable? Why not just exclude children from your restaurant altogether? Also, I would think that this restaurant would have higher risk of OH&S issues from their buffet lunch, rather than the risk a pram entering the restaurant could introduce.

This dining experience will have to be rated my worst and unfortunately it just had to be in my home town. So much for the Melbourne Docklands vision. A Place for Everyone – belonging to and offering quality experiences for residents, workers, investors, shoppers and visitors from Melbourne, regional Victoria, interstate and overseas. In my opinion this restaurant fails miserably!



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