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Letters to the Editor

28 May 2009

Liquor licensing joke!

My wife and I recently had a great weekend in NewQuay to celebrate our anniversary. We love the place. I was however pretty amazed to be reading in your local paper all the dramas about a 1am licence for the Woolshed Pub.

We stayed in the Sant Elia building and had to put up with music and noise from the Loungeroom until 3am.

The weekend we were there, there was a huge fight out the front of the Lounge. We were really shocked to see this happening in an area we thought was pretty safe.

We don’t know how those living in the building put up with all the noise. We probably will be back but will be staying somewhere else. Surely residents should be more concerned about trying to reduce the hours of the Lounge Hotel so that those staying or living there can get some sleep, rather than worrying about the Woolshed which will have no impact.

We think that the area could really benefit from a bar that is close by, but away from residences.

I can’t see how the Woolshed would have any effect on residents if it closes at 1am – which is probably when the Lounge Hotel should also have to close.

Hayden James


Move Blowhole back into the wind

The once active and colourful Dockland’s icon “The Blowhole” which cost a significant amount to build is now still and dwarfed by the new ANZ building. 

This unique moving example of modern art requires wind to turn the cups and be active. (The main and largest cup is broken and has not been repaired for nearly a year.)  The wind no longer makes this piece interesting to watch as they have built a wind shield in its path (good planning!).

All in all, it’s a complete waste of money in its current position. 

Why not move it to the foreshore along Harbour Esplanade or the far end of NewQuay where the wind blows nearly every day where it will, once again, entertain visitors.

Ray Spencer


Dear Amanda

Just got back from Queensland and read the Docklands Community News and saddened to see that you had reached the venerable age of 40 while I was away.

Please give a thought therefore to this poor old scribe who is twice your age plus two and the delight that it has given me to read that a nice young lady thinks that I am just as mad as she is.

If you want to be as mad as me when you’re 82, you’ll have to keep working at it, but please don’t give up. It’s the only way to survive.

An amazing line of research now will be – and I am sure you could get a grant for this – to ascertain how a deceased pirate who has just been buried under the Bolte Bridge Silver Sticks all these years, could suddenly spawn the Dockness Monster. 

The biologists, anatomists and scientists of at least a half dozen other disciplines could have a field day with this, and set up the world’s first vertical research establishment right on the job, inside the Silver Sticks.

Better stop now or they will want to lock me up in the Silver Sticks and throw away the key.

Ed Oribin

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