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Letters September 2010

31 Aug 2010

People power will prevail

It is really sad when ignorant people start posting comments without first doing their homework.

Residents/buyers of the Mosaic and Montage have always been told that the piece of land between the Gauge and the Montage/Mosaic apartments, has been earmarked for the development of a low-rise community centre/library that will not be more than two to three storeys high.

The model shown in the sales office showroom was definitely showing that the development going into this area was not much higher than the terraces on Geographe St. The story told to Mosaic and Montage buyers by the sales people from Lend Lease was always the same – “the space will be used to build a low-rise community centre/library”.

However, once Lend Lease has sold the majority of the apartments in both these buildings, they changed the model in their new showroom in stealth and started marketing the development/sale of the Serrata (a 15-storey building instead of the two to three storey community centre/library originally marketed to buyers of the Mosaic and Montage).

So John and Kent (who commented online on the “Save our Park campaign over Serrata” article), it is not hypocrisy nor is it “typical wealthy people behaviour” that the “Save our Park” campaign came about. It is about the principle of being lied to by a supposedly reputable company AND to show unethical companies such as Lend Lease that people power will prevail over greed.



Aesthetic or dangerous?

After witnessing five separate falls on different occasions during the last two weeks, I feel compelled to write and ask if anyone knows if something is being done?

I live outside Docklands, but work in one of the Bourke St buildings, enjoying a stroll in the fresh air along the harbour-side walkway (yes, even in this “cool” weather!) on most days.

The problem is that on five different occasions over the last two weeks, I have witnessed people take a fall, some quite nasty, as a result of the wet timber decking along the walkway.

The main culprit is the decking closest to the buildings which are shaded by trees. During summer, the shade is welcome and inviting however, during winter this same shade ensures the decking does not dry out properly.

It is now growing moss and algae in some places and, when wet, is more slippery than ice!

After checking to make sure all five people were OK, they have fortunately all walked away with what appeared to be little more than a bruise or two, some dirty clothes, and slight embarrassment.

However all were taken completely by surprise, and none expected the decking to be so slippery.

Whether anyone has suffered ongoing problems (joints, back, knees, etc), I cannot comment, and only hope all recovered quickly.

While appreciating the aesthetic appeal of this timber decking, I can only wonder how much longer it will be before someone suffers a serious injury, possibly even
life threatening.

The law of averages suggests that if I have seen five in two weeks and, given the thousands of people who work in, live in, or visit the Docklands precinct each day, there has to be many more similar incidents. Following this line of thinking, it is only a matter of time before someone suffers more than a bruised ego – and decides to sue!

Potentially compounding the problem, timber work is used extensively throughout the entire precinct, and I am only talking about first hand experience in one small area.

I wonder how many others have a similar concern, or have “fallen” victim to the slippery wet decking?

Are the people in charge of this type of thing in the Docklands area aware of the problem? If so, why has nothing been done?  And if not, why not (timber and water are never a good mix – think pool/spa deckings)? Or is it something as simple as forgetting what winter is really like after so many years of drought?

Chris Aulich


Left turning lane needed

With the new stage for the redevelopment of Docklands, I would like to make a suggestion that the road from Harbour Esplanade making a left hand turn into Docklands Drive desperately needs a left turning lane.

This intersection becomes very congested when there are events and peak hour traffic, please consider this at this stage while work is underway because this is desperately needed, I am a resident here and realise the importance of this much needed change.

Silvana Tomassi


Shame on you Vivas Lend Lease

When I originally negotiated for the purchase “off the plan” of my apartment in the Mosaic in Docklands from Vivas Lend Lease, I was told by the sales people (all three at the time concurred) that the area where they have now decided to build Serrata was designated for community use only and the most that would be built there was a four storey community centre.

This statement was repeated at the launch of sales of the Montage. On the basis of this information I purchased a two bedroom apartment on the seventh level that had “dual aspects” and clear views in both directions. Brochures I have been provided describe the apartment the same way.

If Serrata proceeds, the views on the one aspect will be totally obstructed and the feeling of open space we currently enjoy will be forever lost and we will be left staring into the middle of a concrete building.

Furthermore “our park” by which it has affectionately become known has become a most valuable lung in an otherwise concrete jungle allowing feelings of open space and a place where families can relax – where parents can play with their kids or where corporate employees can play a bit of football at lunch time.

Why would anyone who has created such a great environment now destroy it? “Our park” is also used by exercise groups in the morning and, in fact, is a total lifestyle for
the area.

When we started dealing with Vivas Lend Lease the relationship was one of conviviality and trust and in fact their motto advertises them as a firm of “high integrity”. Right now I doubt they can spell the word.

What has happened to their ethics and ethos that now makes them behave this way? Is it pure greed? Shame on you

Vivas Lend Lease and shame on you decision makers in government that allows this to happen.

How does someone with the integrity of Justin Madden, a man who states he is committed to the community, allow this travesty to occur and to authorise the passing of the planned Serrata? Shame on you too Mr Madden.

Wake up now and take responsibility for the community and leave the park as it is. Go back to the basis that Melbourne has become known for – its beauty and parks. We are the Garden State – let’s keep it that way. Let us not become known as the “Concrete State”.

The adjacent “Village Green” will soon become known as the “Village Brown” being immersed in shadow 24/7. What a prospect to look forward to! What about the families we are trying to encourage to live here? What can we offer them?

Vivas Lend Lease – are you just in the business of flogging buildings or are you trying to build communities? Seems obvious you are the former – shame on you!

Jeff Slabe

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  • Judi Pratt at 10:37pm on 01/10/10

    Again profit over community. Developers and Government are doing nothing to redress the failings in the original planning permission to oblige the developers to designate space and money for gardens and community centres. This has now become a critical issue and must be addressed at the state govt election in November.

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