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Letters to the Editor - August 2017

01 Aug 2017

Letter from Oakey the dog

Dear Editor Hooman and Lord Mayor Hooman,

I tries to reads Docklands Newses buts I have to say I tends to eats it more.

My silly hooman likes to read it though but we plays this games where he puts it down when he gets home from work and I picks it up and chews it.  Oh, how he loves this. I sees him afterwards picking up bits of papers and muttering lovely words.

Buts I was thinkings in between my naps, eats and naps ... that we dogs don’t have a place for us to plays safely in Docklands … My hooman has to drives me daily  to meets my mates at a safes fenced park so we can runs around without making thems shouts for us. My hooman sometimes takes me to the beach but I’s not allowed there so much now cause I loves chasing the seagulls. Like REALLY loves chasing them ...

Anyways Editor Hooman and Lord Mayor Hooman …. my own hooman was mutterings to me that he thinkings that’s its time for us dogs and our hoomans to have a fenced area in Docklands to plays safely.

Not small fences like North Melbourne cause I is an expert at jumpings far and my hooman panic that I mights leap over. Mind you, he don’t seem to much like the nose arts I leaves on car windows either…. silly hooman not appreciatings my art.

Well importants hoomans it’d be awesomeness if yous and your hoomans could help us dogs and our hoomans generates (bigs words for me, but I just ates dictionaries so I’m super smarts now) interests in a fenced dogs park. I know my hooman would appreciates that and I think other hoomans would too cuz it means they would comes to Docklands with their dogs and spends they monies here too.

Lots of licks.

Oakey the Dog, aged 3


Take back your home and freedom

Dear “Looking Over My Shoulder”,

It was with great shock and a sinking heart that I read your letter regarding illegal surveillance at your apartment building (published in the June Docklands News). I found it terrible to read that you felt like you were being watched and listened to in your own building. It also sounds like you have become a prisoner in your apartment. This is horrible as we live in one of the best places. 

My heart sank, as I have also felt this way living in the Boyd building. My husband and I have been here for six years and feel that things were getting worse, until recently we got a new manager.

The old manager once commented to me about my husband’s concern over some car trouble. No one knew of this issue as we only discussed it between us in the lift. At the time I didn’t think much of it, but after reading what you wrote, it made me think.

The more I thought about it, there were two other incidents that came to mind, which happened in the same circumstances. 

I want to encourage you to go about your life and not feel trapped. If this is what they spend their time on, then let them, even though they should be doing more important things. You should feel free to come and go and do what you want as long as you aren’t doing anything wrong. 

Take back your home and your freedom. We live in a free country, so don’t let anyone take that from you. 

Best wishes,



An eye-opening OC experience

After living in Docklands for 10 years, in 2016 I stood for all five of our Owners’ Committees in the hope to be more involved in my community and to facilitate change. I wanted to see our buildings improve and to see what’s needed for the future to ensure our investments are protected in the years to come.

I was successful in obtaining positions on three committees, and what’s more, I was nominated and voted in as secretary by my peers. I took on this role with optimism and eagerness. I saw it as an opportunity to bring back the community feel to our complex, as in the past years, it had been lacking. 

I was naive in thinking all committee members, old and new, would be seeking the same as me for residents and owners as a collective.

It’s been a long and tiring 12-month journey, from infighting, name-calling, bullying and intimidating each other, to some members focusing on their own needs rather than our building’s needs. It has certainly been an eye opener for me, in wanting to become more connected to my immediate community. 

I think the most disappointing thing has been the lack of focus in ensuring our buildings, which are our homes, being maintained to the standard they deserve due to politics getting in the way and owners and residents not feeling their voices are being heard. 

As a committee member, it has been a negative experience to say the least, as I have mediated heated meetings, spent personal time seeking information that was withheld, been a target for individuals’ political agendas and have had to deal with issues that are against my morals and ethics. 

Being on these committees has inhibited my lifestyle as I have been questioned about my personal and professional life, spoken, gossiped and speculated about, had my movements tracked both digitally and in person, my property ownership researched, been verbally attacked, had my personal property tampered with, access to my building cut and been bullied and pressed upon in an intimidating way, which has all made me feel unwelcome in my own home. 

So why am I sharing this with the larger Docklands community? Well, I want everyone who wants to be more involved in our local community, even if it’s just in your building, to be aware that even though you set out with the best endeavours, there can always be a storm on the horizon, so take care and always pack a life jacket. 

Kind Regards,

Iris Stewart


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