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Health and Wellbeing - Dec 2012 - Jan 2013

04 Dec 2012

Leadership in sport

What is a leader and what roles do they have within sport? Firstly, let’s look into leadership and what defines a leader. A leader is someone that others follow, someone that others draw motivation from and someone who others aspire to be. To quote the infamous NFL coach Vince Lombardi: “The strength of the group is the strength of the leaders”.

As a result, we know from good leadership that we are able to achieve a level in sport we would not achieve by ourselves.  This is tangible across elite-level sport, fitness classes, personal training and social sport.

I have decided on four leadership qualities to take a closer look at:

1. Communication – like any good relationship, communication is the key. Finding the time to talk to your peers as well as providing a listening ear;

2. Motivation – a good leader will know when to use motivation and how to motivate different individuals;

3. Courage – leaders will need to show courage by backing up their words with actions; and

4. Creativity – change is always good and the same applies to sport; be creative to increase results.   

By combining these aspects, a leader will create more incentive to engage in sport at any level.

King of the Tan

We all know that within the western world physical inactivity continues to rise and, as a result, we observe the many negative side-effects that inactivity can have on our health.  

One area where the opportunity to engage in physical activity is consistently offered is through sports clubs.

In Australia nearly 30 per cent of people 15 years and older participate in organised sport through a sports club or organisation.

The King of the Tan will engage sporting clubs from around Victoria to compete in a unique event format.

Through this event Active Melbourne City Sports will endeavour to engage the community, increase physical activity, provide training goals and promote the numerous benefits of sporting clubs.

The King of the Tan focuses on the rich history of Victoria’s sporting clubs and organisations by calling on upon the competitive spirit that is epitomised by the following rivalries:

Code v Code – allows different sports clubs across various codes to compete for ultimate bragging rights;

Mate v Mate – compete against mates from different sports clubs and different sporting codes; and

Club v Club – will reignite club rivalries from within the same code and between different codes.

For more information visit or email (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Corporate curling

Are you on the lookout for something completely outside the box? Then this could be the answer you’re looking for.

The sport of curling has existed for over 500 years, with the game gaining the attention of the wider world with its introduction as an Olympic sport in 1998.

What makes the story of curling so interesting is how unique the sport looks when played.

Often likened to lawn bowls on ice, curling involves the sliding of granite stones along the ice, with two people sweeping the ice in front of the stones to control the speed, with the aim to end up as close as possible to the target located 45 metres away.

Curling can be played and won by anyone, regardless of age or physical capabilities. The game requires a combination of team work, chemistry and communication to succeed.

Corporate Curling is played at the world-class Medibank Icehouse facility, located in Harbour Town.

Packages are tailored to suit the needs of your company and can include a team-building session, curling coaching, games of curling and food and refreshments.

For more information on this event, please call our offices 9604 8600.

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