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Docklands Numb3rs - May 2011

03 May 2011

Soccer predictions  for May 2011

Predictions by Sarang Dhawan numerologist

Sunday, May 1
Arsenal v  Manchester United
You would expect Manchester United to win but expect the unexpected in this match as Arsenal adds up to number two and the date of match is the first. Both numbers go well, so expect a Arsenal win or a close draw.

Sunday, May 8
Manchester United v Chelsea
This seems to be an interesting match. I see a struggling time for both teams and there might be a extreme result in this match.  Chelsea will have a slight edge or might end up with a draw.

Monday, May 9
Fulham v Liverpool
Any guesses in this match?  Everyone must be thinking Liverpool will win but the numbers say the opposite. It’s a day for Fulham to win or a draw. The explanation is that Fulham adds up to nine and so is the day of match the ninth. So that’s lucky for Fulham and they will win or draw .

Saturday, May 14
Blackburn Rovers v Man United
The day of this match adds up to five, which is one the luckiest numbers for Manchester United as it adds up to number eight.  This match will go easily to Manchester United .

Sunday, May 15
Chelsea v Newcastle United
Expect anything in this match as the numbers are in favour of both teams. The blue colour will bring luck to Chelsea and they will overcome a struggle and make it a win (but draw can’t be ruled out).
Arsenal v Aston Villa
Well this match seems a tough one with everyone expecting Arsenal to win. But the numbers are nicely even for both teams and there is a great chance of a draw.

Sunday, May 22
Everton v Chelsea
This match is again a tough one as Everton adds up to the number seven and so does Chelsea. The date is also lucky for both the teams so a draw can’t be ruled out for this match. The jersey colour blue will bring luck for Chelsea and they might cling onto victory in the end.
Manchester United v Blackpool
Blackpool has a definitely edge in this match and it seems luck is more in favour of Blackpool as May 22 adds to four and Manchester United adds to eight and in numerology four and eight don’t go well. So expect the unexpected in this match.

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  • Steven at 5:22pm on 15/05/11

    Nice work mate !

  • Fung lee at 12:22am on 24/05/11

    22nd may predictions came out so true what a close chelsea game , how can u predict so well Mr Dhawan ??

  • George at 12:23am on 24/05/11

    Man chelsea lost it was indeed close match they even sacked there manager , superb prediction ........................

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