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Docklands Numb3rs - August 2011

02 Aug 2011

Predictions by numerologist Sarang Dhawan

August 5
St Kilda V Fremantle
This match will be an interesting one as we are seeing some consistent performance from St Kilda. This is because the captain of the team Nick is running through a lucky period and his destiny is active. So expect to see brilliant performance from St Kilda on August 5 as they march towards victory against Fremantle.

August 6
Geelong V Gold Coast
I expect a good performance from the Gold Coast boys but the Geelong Cats adds up to the number 42 which is equal to six – the same as the day of the match – and hence the match will go to Geelong.

August 7
West Coast V Richmond
Well clearly everyone must be thinking West Coast to win easily but it won’t happen this way as the day is lucky for Richmond which adds up to the number 31 and goes well with seven which is the date of the match. Hence, I believe it’s a Richmond victory.

August 12
St Kida V Collingwood
This is surely going to be very interesting match as the captain of the Collingwood team will perform very well as the date goes well with his date of birth. But all is not well for Collingwood as the date 12th gels well with the St Kilda captain Nick. I predict a close fighting game which St Kilda shall win in the end.

August 19
Carlton V Hawthorn
People will think that this match can tilt in either direction but, as Carlton adds up to the number seven (which gels well with August 19), I feel there is every chance that Carlton will win.  Carlton is my favourite team to win AFL Premiership.

August 21
Sydney V St Kilda
What a golden time for St Kilda captain! This is another match St Kilda shall win as it gels well with the St Kilda captain and St Kilda adds to the number nine which goes well with the date of the match. So all in all, go Saints.

August 27
St Kilda V North Melbourne
Once again I predict a victory for St Kilda as the date again gels well with Saints. The date of match adds up to nine and St Kilda also adds up to nine, so they shall crush the opposition easily.

August 27
Brisbane V West Coast
This shall be interesting match for everyone to watch. It will be a close game with ups and downs. I feel in the end West Coast Eagles will win the match as they add up to the number nine which is more lucky than Brisbane‘s number three on the day of the match.

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