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Docklands Community Association - Dec 2015 - Jan 2016

02 Dec 2015

Season’s greetings and I trust you will enjoy the holiday break.

Christmas party
The time has come around again for our Christmas Party. It will be held again at Harbour Kitchen on Thursday, December 10, which is on Victoria Harbour next to the NAB. We will again have use of the pavilion on the water.

It will be a great night as usual. There will be prizes for which raffle tickets will be drawn. Last year we had nearly $1000 worth of prizes from local businesses which we hope again to achieve. So we look forward to your company. It starts at 7.30 pm.

More developments
You may have noticed the news about approval of the development on North Wharf near the Seaman’s Mission. This is a good one as it will get rid of the old shed eyesore and provide retail space and open lawn. It is located between Flinders St and the river and hopefully will draw people.

Ron Barassi Snr Park is open for business. A lot of money has been spent on it with a bitumen road around one side, change rooms, children’s playground and car parks. Although it is rather out of the way, hopefully it will be well used.

We are told the scheme for a church on Footscray Rd has stalled with lack of agreement on specifics.

Open forum on Fishermans Bend development
We have received an invitation from the Fishermans Bend Network to attend an open forum on likes and dislikes about our areas as part of the learning process towards their development program. The forum will be held at the Docklands Library on December 8 from 5pm until 7pm. Comments will be provided by respected professionals in architecture and planning.

Short stays / serviced apartments
There is still no decision from the Government following the panel enquiry held earlier this year. I was called in again to express views when I reiterated our position including the request for seven-day minimum stays. There has been objection to asking for seven days and why not 30 days? But we have to be realistic. The panel stipulated no minimum at all to which I was the only dissenter. Seven days will get rid of the weekend parties which are the main offenders.

In the latest on the Watergate case, VCAT gave leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. We understand that will be heard in the new year.

High-rise development in suburbs
I attended the meeting of CORBA, the coalition of resident groups, on November 11. The main issue is overdevelopment of high-rise apartments in various areas, not just inner city. Councils are approving schemes but residents are objecting.

CoM Organisational Capability Review
At an earlier meeting Ben Rimmer, new CoM CEO, discussed the importance of opening up City of Melbourne to outside scrutiny. Some findings were, that the organisation needs to be more future-orientated, adopting to current circumstances and community expectations, such as management of customers and issues. Also management of some small organisational structure changes.

The review means putting in place a 10-year action plan of asset and organisational management, delivery of this, and getting on with the tasks facing the City of Melbourne. Ben stated that many staff gave input but were surprised at the results. However, community consultation being an issue with resident groups, he is encouraging staff to discuss how better to handle this process. Let’s hope it all works.

He also touched on the fact that, as new to council meetings, he was concerned about the way objectors attacked council officers. He stressed his need to provide a safe work place for his staff.

If any reader would like to become a member of the DCA or has any suggestions they wish to put forward regarding activities or issues, they are welcome to contact us on (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We’re also on Facebook.

If you would like to contact me about any aspect or becoming a committee member you are welcome to email as above.

Regards to all
Roger Gardner
President, DCA

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