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Docklander - June 2017

01 Jun 2017

Docklander - June 2017 Image

A permanent holiday in Docklands

By Sunny Liu

Carina Parisella has been working in Docklands for the past 15 years and she said her best decision was giving up her five-bedroom suburban house and moving to Docklands.

When Ms Parisella first started working at the NAB headquarters in Docklands 15 years ago, she complained about having to commute to the stark precinct where she could not find a good restaurant or cafe.

But she soon fell in love with the waterfront suburb, with the harbour views, parks and a unique combination of the hustle and bustle and tranquillity.

“When you don’t know what’s out there, your natural instinct is to be critical of something. Straight away I was thinking Docklands was so windy. There was nowhere to eat or to get good coffee,” she said.

“But in the last few years, things have completely transformed in Docklands. Docklands has really come alive with so many events and facilities.”

After a decade of commuting daily to Docklands from northern suburb Epping, two years ago Ms Parisella decided to move to Docklands with her husband and son and has never looked back.

“It took a lot of courage for us to make the decision to get rid of our big house and get rid of a lot of our possessions and move into a smaller apartment. But it was the best decision we’ve ever made,” she said.

“I no longer have a two-hour daily commute and I can just walk to and from work. I get to spend more time with my little boy and my family.”

Ms Parisella said she was living her dream in Docklands and would never live anywhere else.

“Living in Docklands is like being on a permanent holiday. There is the peace and quiet of the residential living, which is just beautiful. Docklands has a much less stressful environment than the CBD,” she said.

Ms Parisella said the takeaway from her big move from a five-bedroom suburban house to a two-bedroom compact apartment was that people did not need a lot of space to enjoy their life.

“I can live more simply in my small apartment, where there is not enough space to store all the unnecessary junk. My life is more minimalist now and I realised that people need a lot less to survive. We don’t even have a microwave now,” she said.

On the weekend, Ms Parisella often rides bike with her six-year-old son or goes down to the library to read a book or enjoys the playground.

“Our backyard is now a basketball court that we share with the other residents. We also have the gym and the swimming pool,” she said. “We have everything we need and we have nothing to complain about.”

Shortly after she moved to the Watergate apartment building, Ms Parisella’s parents also moved to NewQuay.

“At first my parents were really scared that we were moving so far away from them. But they soon also fell in love with Docklands and moved here and now we live very close together,” she said.

“Now there’s a lot more productivity in our lives and a lot more time spent with family. What’s there not to love?”

Being the senior manager of strategic engagement and innovation at ANZ, Ms Parisella’s work revolves around the local community.

“I love promoting Docklands through organising events and posting on social media,” she said. “I’m very passionate about creating a social impact and engaging with the community.”

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