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Businesses in Docklands - September 2015

03 Sep 2015

Your first port of call when buying or selling

If you’re looking to buy or sell property in Docklands then Anchor Conveyancing should be your first port of call.

According to business owner Jayson Sande, Anchor Conveyancing knows Docklands inside and out and specialises in the sale of apartments and off-the-plan apartments.

“We have a special focus on advising purchases of off-the-plan apartments,” Mr Sande said. “It’s a very complex transaction and contracts can be 800-pages long and very confusing to initially look through.”

Mr Sande said while the majority of Anchor Conveyancing’s clients were in Docklands, his business also operated in suburbs and towns throughout Victoria. Anchor Conveyancing handles sales and purchases of properties and businesses, as well as commercial leases.

“We’re qualified to give advice on the legal aspects of transactions, prepare contracts of sale and lease agreements and take matters through to settlement,” he said.

A second-generation conveyancer who has worked in the industry for more than 25-years, Mr Sande began his career amidst the Gold Coast’s high-rises.

“Being from the Gold Coast I understood the nature of it and had worked with owners’ corporations and body corporates, which is a little bit different than the sales of houses out in the suburbs,” Mr Sande said.

“So when I moved to Melbourne five years ago I started to focus on inner-city apartments and buildings in my practice and that’s how I found myself in Docklands, right in the heart of apartment living.”

Mr Sande said Anchor Conveyancing provided clients with a “direct approach”.

“You can deal with me and reach me directly,” he said. “It’s a direct approach to dealing with people and you get access to someone with 25 years of experience from the start.”

Mr Sande said his main advice to people looking to buy or sell property was to get in touch before they sign a contract.

“Our main value to you is not just in settling something smoothly, taking care of your bank and all those stresses, but it’s in giving the right advice about contracts before you sign them, about preparing a contract for sale before you sell,” Mr Sande said.

“A lot of the time we come in late in the picture and spend our time putting out fires that, because of our skills, we can see in advance.”

“So I’d like to encourage people to pick up the phone or make an appointment to see us before they sign to sell or buy.”

Since establishing his business in Docklands three and a half years ago Mr Sande says he had seen huge growth and change in the area.

“I think this area offers a great lifestyle for people to live in medium to high-density housing because you’ve got the break of the water,” he said.

Anchor Conveyancing is located at suite 1223 Aquavista Tower at 401 Docklands Drive.

For more information visit or call 8640 9002.


A personal approach to financial management

The team at the newly-established Morgans Southbank branch understands the importance of building personal relationships with all of its clients.

As part of Australia’s largest retail broking company, the new Southbank office is one of more than 60 Morgans branches in Australia, which specialises in servicing retail investors.

Owned and operated by an experienced team of four, senior adviser Michael Ibbott said the Southbank branch offered customised advice to its clients across a range of asset classes.

“The business is actually owned by us, so I suppose you could argue because we’ve got the skin in the game we benefit and suffer if we don’t perform well or look after our clients,” he said.

“It’s about working as a team with our clients. We’re not just here to be investment managers, we are also looking to educate and help them make decisions and work towards their goals.”

“That’s unique as opposed to putting your money with a fund manager and that’s the end of your involvement. This is about taking control of your own destiny and working with someone to do so.”

Consisting of other senior advisers Campbell Walker, Matthew Reid and Michael Aladjem, each member of the Southbank team possesses more than 15 years experience in advising private clients in the financial services industry.

The branch provides comprehensive advice across a range of areas including stockbroking (domestic and international equities), financial and retirement planning, superannuation, managed funds, cash and fixed interest and derivatives.

It specialises in giving direct share investment advice within self-managed super funds (SMSFs).  

As Campbell Walker explained, the team’s relationship with all of its clients was built on a long-term foundation of trust and experience.  

“We’ve all been through the tech wreck in the year 2000, the resource boom from 2002 to 2011 and bust since 2011, the GFC, and also the European/Greek debt crisis,” he said.

“We’ve had a loyal and happy client base for a long time because the key is recognising that we’re not going to get everything right (and our clients know that) but it’s how we manage it when we get it wrong.”

According to Michael, the team’s main focus is on ensuring wealth security by tailoring every individual portfolio to the risk profile and future needs of each and every one of its clients.

“Part of getting to know the client is getting to know you and it’s completely personal. If you don’t have a personal relationship with a client you become a commodity. It’s as simple as that,” he said.

 “A lot of it is just regular contact. Some of my clients I speak to at least once a day, others a few times a week, some monthly or just quarterly – it’s just what suits. Our work is all about personal relationships.”

Situated at Riverside Quay in Southbank, Campbell said the team and all of its clients alike loved doing business at its new vibrant and relaxed location.

“All of our clients are enjoying it down here – it’s very accessible and it feels like you’re away from the city and the hustle and bustle.  There’s an enthusiastic and much more relaxed feel,” he said.

“People love it because it’s so close to Flinders St Station and we are situated in amongst all of the cafes and restaurants – it has a great feel to it down here”.  

For more information visit

Morgans Financial Limited AFSL 235410 


All smiles at Docklands Dental Studio

Victoria Harbour’s local dentist celebrated its first year in Docklands last month.

Docklands Dental Studio in Merchant St has been providing dental care to Victoria Harbour residents and workers for the past year.

Principal dentist Pia Oparkcharoen said she’d like to thank all of the patients who had visited the studio over the past year.

“I feel really good about being a part of the Docklands community and being able to provide the community with a dental service,” Dr Oparkcharoen said.

Located opposite the Victoria Harbour Medical Centre and local pharmacy, Dr Oparkcharoen said the dental studio was conveniently located and complemented the surrounding healthcare services.

It’s also located within walking distance from most of Victoria Harbour’s corporate offices.

“We have lots of business people coming in,” nurse and receptionist Cherie Russell said. “People always come in and say they like having a dentist in Victoria Harbour.”

And Docklands Dental Studio also caters for local residents, opening every second Saturday morning.

With a range of in-house dental services, Docklands Dental Studio can take care of all of your dental needs.

“We can give patients the full-service from check-ups and cleans to X-rays with our on-site machine,” Dr Oparkcharoen said.

“This allows us to give you a proper diagnosis straight away if you have a problem with your teeth.”

Docklands Dental Studio also provides both a take-home or in-office teeth-whitening service.

Dr Oparkcharoen describes herself as a “restorative dentist” and said her work tends to focus on crowns, bridges and implants.

She works alongside Dr Teck Hong Oh, who has a particular focus on root canals, making her the go-to dentist for toothaches.

“Our specialities really complement each other,” Dr Oparkcharoen said.

With a calm environment and friendly staff, Docklands Dental Studio also aims to make every visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible.

“We try to go above and beyond for our patients,” Dr Oparkcharoen said.

For more information visit or call 9021 9487.

You can also find Docklands Dental Studio on Facebook at

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